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HP ZBook 15u G5 Review

HP has released the ZBook 15u G5, the 5th generation of their popular mobile workstation line. Announced back in April of this year, HP describes the 15u G5 as an entry-level, performance-driven workstation that is ideal for professionals on the go, which is pretty much in line with other 15u models we looked at over the past few years (we found that they are generally solid mobile rigs that offer a good bang for their lower price tag). The new 15u is highlighted by an optional 4K, touch display, quad core Intel Core processors and 3D professional graphics, all packed inside a thin mobile workstation.

Lenovo & Cloudistics Launch ThinkAgile CP Series

Lenovo – together with Cloudistics – is further expanding its ThinkAgile portfolio with the CP series. Billed as a composable cloud platform or a ‘cloud-in-a-box’; the CP series aims to offer customers looking for the agility of the public cloud and the security of a private cloud all the conveniences and ease-of-use of a public cloud environment secured behind the customer’s own data center firewall.

HP Refreshes Its Z Family Of Entry-Level Workstations

Today HP Inc. unveiled what it is calling the world’s most powerful entry workstations, with its updated HP Z Workstation lineup. These new entry workstations are aimed at product designers, architects, creative professionals, OEMs, educators, and financial workers. HP states that the new workstations will provide enhanced productivity and performance while being cost-effective and secure. 

Seagate BarraCuda SSD Review

Last week Seagate Technologies announced their latest SSD, simple named BarraCuda SSD. The naming follows in line with the rest of the company’s Guardian Series of drives and naming scheme. The BarraCuda SSD will serve as a drop in HDD SATA replacement that, due to the change in faster technology, will boost PC and laptop performance.

AWS Announces High-Performance EC2 Instances Updates

Today at its annual AWS Summit in New York, AWS announced a new high frequency instance for Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud, Amazon EC2 Z1d. Z1d is designed for users that need the highest single-thread performance with a large amount of memory (such as electronic design automation (EDA), relational databases, and financial simulations). AWS is also releasing two other instances for memory intensive applications, the R5 and R5d.

Samsung Announces First 8Gb LPDDR5 DRAM

Samsung are the first to announce that they have successfully developed a 10-nanometer class (process node between 10 and 20 nanometers). This announcement is not only ahead of Samsung’s competitors, but also ahead of the finalization of the specifications for DDR5 & LPDDR5. JEDEC, the standards group for the microelectronics industry, is still forecasting the release of the full DDR5 standardsfor later this year. Samsung similarly made their announcement for their LPDDR4 chips ahead of the associated standards in 2014. Since then, they tell us, they have been setting the stage to transition to the LPDDR5 standard for use in upcoming 5G and Artificial Intelligence (AI)-powered mobile applications.

Commvault Updates & Simplifies Product Packaging

Today Commvault announced that its had taken several of its solutions and offerings and consolidated them into simple product packages and pricing. The announcement today take the breadth of Commvault’s offerings and boils them down to four products aimed for complete, scalable backup and recovery as well as data management, regardless of the size of the company. The packaging is made to ease implementation and deployment as well as buying options. 

Unitrends Releases Recovery Series Gen 8

Today Unitrends released the new Gen 8 version of its flagship Recovery Series backup appliances. The latest version of the hardware appliances have built-in efficiencies that are designed to increase density, reduce power and cooling, and help customers save on costs. The Gen 8 Recovery Series are also pre-integrated with Unitrends Backup 10.2 software that can optimize cloud replication and performance. 

Spectra Logic Enhances Its Enterprise Tape Library Offerings

Today Spectra Logic announced several updates it was making to its enterprise tape libraries. Today’s updates and enhancements are designed to benefit customers that need to preserve massive amounts of data for long periods of time, such as governments, scientific research, HPC, and M&E. The updates and enhancements include Time-Based Access Ordering System to speed up recall times, and Assisted Self Maintenance and Zoning.

Fujitsu Expands Partnerships With Cloud Providers

Fujitsu has been collaborating with several cloud providers, such as Microsoft and VMware. To further meet customer demands and needs, the company announced that it is expanding partnerships with new cloud service providers (CSP), SAP and Oracle. These expanded partnerships help to strengthen and accelerate companies’ digital transformations and adoption of multi-cloud environments.