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iXsystems' TrueNAS & FreeNAS Hit 11.3

Today iXsystems released both FreeNAS 11.3 as well as TrueNAS 11.3, for TrueNAS X-Series and M-Series systems. Unlike most venders that add a handful features when there is an update, iXsystems claim that they have added over 500. These updates build on the previous API and Web UI improvements and also introduce easy-setup wizards, major replication improvements, amongst other enhancements. 

Several Announcement Made At Cisco Live! Barcelona

Today during Cisco Live! Barcelona, Cisco made several announcements. At the event, with nearly 20K attendees, Cisco unveiled and demonstrated its newest technologies that focused on IoT cybersecurity, networking, and collaboration with AI. The even runs through January 31, at Fira de Barcelona in Spain.

IGEL Announces Linux Client Support For Windows Virtual Desktop

Today during their IGEL DISRUPT 2020 event in Nashville, Tennessee, IGEL announced the general availability of Linux client support for Microsoft Windows Virtual Desktop. IGEL states that they are the first company to offer a Linux-based client that is validated for use with Windows Virtual Desktop. This support should make it easier for customers to migrate Windows workspaces to Azure.

Samsung Magician 6 Review

Several years back (and an update just over four years ago) we went through Samsung’s data migration software and Magician, and gave an in-depth overview of how to use it and its features. Over the years Samsung has made several upgrades and changes to Magician and we will go over them here. We’re going to start off with a brief overview and the software’s basic functions before jumping into the new functionality in Samsung Magician 6.  

SIOS Technology Releases AppKeeper To North American Markets

Today, SIOS Technology Corp released AppKeeper. SIOS AppKeeper is intended to respond to Amazon EC2 service alerts automatically and is immediately available with a free 14-day trial for end-users and channel partners. SIOS was founded in 1999 that provides applications and services targeted at disaster recovery and prevention, or as they like to call it, IT resilience. SIOS Technology Corp.was created by the Japanese SIOS Technology handle global marketing operations. Yes, it is a little hard to keep the names straight, but just remember that if the name ends in "Inc." we're talking about the Japanese company, and if it ends in "Corp." we're talking about the global company headquartered in the USA. 

News Bits: Cloudera, Supermicro, Oracle, Plugable, AWS, IGEL, Datera, & HiveIO

This week’s News Bits we look at a number of small announcements, small in terms of the content, not the impact they have. Cloudera adds support for Apache Flink. Supermicro Systems now certified with Oracle Linux and Oracle VM. Plugable launches 512GB Thunderbolt 3 NVMe drive. AWS Outposts available in more regions. IGEL expands alliance with Login VSI. Datera is now Veeam Ready. HiveIO releases Hive Fabric 8.0.

Cisco Eases Day 2 Operations

Cisco is expanding its Data Center Network Assurance and Insights Suite. This expansion is aimed at making Day 2 Operations, running a network, easier for those in IT Operations. This portfolio of software analytics can comprehensively analyze all components of a data center to assure business intent, guarantee reliability, and identify performance issues in a network before they happen. The broad overarching goal of this capability expansion is to change the Day 2 Operation environment from reactive to proactive. The added capabilities are brought about as part of Cisco’s push to bring intent-based networking to customers. 

StorageReview Podcast #31

The team got together for the weekly podcast to discuss the news of the week highlighted by Dell EMC, VMware, QNAP, Samsung, NAKIVO and much more. We give many updates on the YouTube channel and Tom discusses almost dying twice on his journey to Israel. In Adam's Movie Corner we discuss American Psycho; his recommendation this week is a more current offering, Apostle, which is streaming on Netflix. 

Dell EMC Unisphere Review (Unity XT)

Among the significant challenges faced by storage administrators are the fast-paced evolution of technologies and the operation of the ever-growing storage environments. With these challenges, managing storage systems becomes more complex, and sometimes, even substantial training is required. Administrators are required to make quick provisioning decisions, generate reports, and ensure the health of all systems in the environment. Therefore, they need a simple, intuitive, and customizable cross-platform tool for managing storage environments. To address these concerns, Dell EMC Unisphere provides simplicity, ease of use, and flexibility; all of which are critical requirements for optimal storage management. Unisphere, specially designed for the Dell EMC Unity Family, serves the needs of storage administrators by providing advanced features and optimized performance for enterprise data.

How To: Expand a VMware vSAN Cluster with a New Host

Last week we started a new configuration in our lab using a 3-nodes vSAN cluster. You can check the introduction of this configuration here, and for more details, take a look and explore the video (and more to come) in our revitalized YouTube channel