by Adam Armstrong

ClearSky Data Unveils Global Storage Network

Today ClearSky Data launched its global storage network. The global storage network aims to combine the best of both worlds: the performance and availability of local storage with the scalability, agility and economics of the cloud. ClearSky Data’s global storage network will ease the burden on IT helping with managing primary, backup, and disaster recovery storage, will deliver data when and were it is needed, and will eliminate the data center footprint.

One of the biggest challenges IT faces is storage management. Not only must IT categorize and manage performance and availability, they have to quickly respond to changes in how applications run as well. To top it all off, IT resources are generally small and have a limited budget. ClearSky Data’s global storage network addresses these issues with the ability to plug into storage infrastructure as a fully managed service from points of presence (PoPs) in major metro areas. ClearSky claims that they can deliver hundreds of thousands of IOPS with less than two milliseconds of latency. This will allow storage administrators the ability to stop worrying about storage management and focus on new initiatives and growth.

A further benefit of the global storage network is its ability to make workloads portable and mobile between traditional and cloud environments. This means there will no longer be a need for a physical backup site for Disaster Recovery and customers will have the near unlimited storage capacity of the cloud without the costs and complexity that would entail with traditional storage.

ClearSky Data’s global storage network also features a patent-pending Smart Tiered Caching technology. This technology uses customer policies and evolving usage requirements to automatically distribute data across a network of geographically distributed cache layers with built-in redundancy in order to provide optimal performance. The most active or hot data would be stored close to the customers’ applications. The warm or not as actively accessed data would be stored in a ClearSky PoP within 120 miles of the customer. All data is protected with multiple copies in the ClearSky Backing Cloud.

The ClearSky service leverages VMware vSphere Virtual Volumes as a key component. The service allows customers to set storage policies, provision, and add capacity on-demand, and access system alerts and updates 24/7/365. Customers can access the service from anywhere using a Web-based portal, expand their capacity as they need to, and only pay for what they actually need. The service can integrate into existing infrastructure.

ClearSky Data will premiere the company and exhibit its service at VMworld 2015 in San Francisco. Visit the team in booth #441 to receive a demo.

ClearSky Data main site

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