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Cloudian Releases HyperStore 7

Today Cloudian announced the latest version of its HyperStore platform, version 7. The company states that the latest version allows companies to unify multiple clouds and on-prem storage to a single storage pool. The platform achieves this through its scale-out architecture providing a single management view and a single set of APIs and tools for managing data no matter where it is stored.

Organizations keep data in several locations now. Not only is important data kept on-premises and in the cloud, it is often kept in several clouds. While this can help keep data secure and open up new opportunities it also causes some issues with optimization as vendors have their own APIs. Cloudian offers a solution to this problem in the latest version of HyperStore.

HyperStore 7 can manage all data within a single global namespace, using a single language. It also allows users to scale-out anywhere their data is stored and still be managed through the same interface. Cloudian goes on to state that they can also provide data portability across the entire namespace while keeping files and object data in their native formats.

To help identify and find data, the new version of HyperStore provides S3 API object tagging. This helps users search across all domains and find their data with a single global view of data and metadata. According to the company, users also have access control for security, and data lifecycle management to automatically transition data to another storage class or to delete expired data.

HyperStore 7 utilizes a multi-controller architecture as well to form clusters, spanning on-premises and cloud environments, that in turn increases performance and availability. Performance is increased through efficiency of routing data by the most direct path. These controllers run both on-prem and in the cloud. Cloud environments include Microsoft Azure, Amazon AWS, and Google GCP. All data tiered to clouds is stored in its native format for direct access via cloud-based applications.

Key features of HyperStore 7 include:

  • Multi-cloud access via a common API: Manage all cloud and on-premises storage assets, including Amazon AWS, Google GCP, and Microsoft Azure via a common API
  • Merge Files and Objects:  Combine file and object management to a single namespace, accessed via SMB (CIFS) / NFS protocols and the S3 API
  • Scale-out architecture: Multiple distributed controllers can manage a single namespace across on-premises and cloud environments for performance scaling, increased availability and simplified data access
  • Converged Data Access: Permits data stored as files to be retrieved as objects, or vice versa, providing full data interchangeability

Some workloads still require tape-based media. To help with this end, Cloudian HyperStore tiers to Spectra Logic BlackPearl converged storage system, an approach often used to deliver compliance with the SEC 17-4A specification or as insurance against a ransomware attack. 


Cloudian HyperStore 7 is available now as both a software-defined-storage and a fully-supported appliance with integrated capacities ranging from 48TB to 840TB per device.

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