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Hitachi Vantara Updates Its Converged & Hyperconverged Systems

Today at NEXT 2018 Hitachi Vantara announced the release of technology enhancements across its IT infrastructure portfolio. Among these enhancements include Hitachi’s first all-NVMe hyperconverged system which provides Hitachi Unified Compute Platform HC (UCP HC) customers with improved performance and efficiency. Additionally, more converged infrastructure server options, functionality, and applications infrastructure solution updates, aimed to address multi-cloud environment workloads, have been added to Hitachi’s solution portfolio.

The converged, hyperconverged, and rack-scale Hitachi Unified Compute Platform (UCP) systems provide simplified platforms of pre-tested and validated compute, network, and storage that are effortlessly deployed, managed, and expanded as businesses require.

Enhancements to the UCP portfolio include the following:

  • Hitachi Unified Compute Platform HC (UCP HC) hyperconverged infrastructure appliance series will include a new high density, low latency all-flash NVMe UCP HC V124N system. This 1U system can house up to 12 NVMe SSDs (up to four Intel 3D XPoint-based Intel Optane SSDs for caching and eight NVMe SSDs for capacity), making it capable of delivering up to 72 TB of raw data capacity. Designed to address customers needs that require higher IOPS at low latency levels for applications such as real-time analytics, stock trading, fraud detection, and online transaction processing (OLTP), this all-NVMe hyperconverged system offers improved performance and efficiency with an increased ROI by delivering hundreds of thousands of IOPS at sub-millisecond response time – an improvement of 3x in IOPS performance and 4x lower latency when compared to previous all-flash UCP HC models.
  • Hitachi Unified Compute Platform Advisor (UCP Advisor) IT management and orchestration software will include new functionality of the deployment manager that builds on UCP Advisors simplified, automated management and orchestration. The UCP Advisor deployment manager can automate hundreds of manual tasks and reduce deployment times from days to hours with its automated, rule-based deployment and validation software.
  • Hitachi Unified Compute Platform CI (UCP CI) systems include new support for Hitachi Advanced Server DS7000 series servers for scale-up workload, such as SAP and Oracle environments, and the Hitachi Advanced Server DS225 with NVIDIA Tesla GPUs for intensive graphical requirements such as CAD, VDI, advanced analytics, and collaborative workplaces. The modernization of data center infrastructure to meet different environmental and application-based challenges can be achieved with these new flexible, low-risk options
  • Hitachi Unified Compute Platform RS (UCP RS) is a rack-scale system for deployment simplification of a data infrastructure at scale. Similar to the UCP CI, UCP RS provides additional support for the Hitachi DS225 server with NVIDIA Tesla GPU for workloads that require advanced graphics capabilities.

Expanded Applications Infrastructure Optimization for Databases:

  • Powered by UCP systems, Hitachi Solution for Databases broadens options for the optimization of scaling performance of the data infrastructure in Oracle environments.
  • Oracle Enterprise Data Warehouse (EDW) optimization is enhanced with the integration of Hadoop as an offload target. The data set is reduced by the offloading of cold data to Hadoop from a production Oracle EDW, which improved EDW performance and lowers the cost of software licensing by reducing the number of licenses required for primary database data.
  • Based on UCP RS and Pentaho Data Integration, the ability to offload Oracle EDW data to MongoDB and Hadoop delivers a solution to data infrastructures that can blend data from a variety of differing sources, providing a more complete view, find correlations, and accelerate time to insight. Additionally, Oracle customers can now use UCP CI configurations with Hitachi DS7000 series servers, providing scalability and performance for high-performance database and application environments.
  • Hitachi Solution for the SAP HANA Platform now provides customers with enhanced management integration via Hitachi storage and server adapters for the SAP HANA Cockpit, as well as greater options and simplified management through its newly certified SAP HANA appliances based on the Hitachi UCP CI with Hitachi DS7000 series servers.
  • Hitachi DS7000 series UCP CI configurations are planned to support a range of virtual infrastructure solutions, including vHANA and other VMware-based workloads.


  • UCP CI configurations with Hitachi DS7000 series servers are available now for supported SAP HANA and Oracle environments. 
  • The optional all-NVMe chassis for UCP HC systems are expected to be generally available in November 2018, and will be complemented by all-NVMe Hitachi Virtual Storage Platform (VSP) options for standalone deployment or within UCP CI in 2019. 
  • The Hitachi DS225 with Nvidia GPU support and new mix-and-match server options for UCP CI and RS will be generally available in November. 
  • The latest release of UCP Advisor with new deployment manager functionality will be generally available in October 2018. 

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