by Adam Armstrong

HP Announces Composable Infrastructure

At HP Discover, HP announced a new initiative to build a robust ecosystem that will support its vision for the future of enterprise infrastructure. HP is calling this new infrastructure Composable.

Applications are driving our digital economy, and enterprises need to transition from applications that run the business to applications that are the business. In order for enterprises to capitalize and adopt these new apps and services, HP believes that a new form of infrastructure needs to be built. HP states this infrastructure should be “Composable,” or built on fluid pools of compute, storage and fast flexible fabric, disaggregated so they can be quickly composed, decomposed back into the pool and then re-composed in a software template to fit the specific needs of an application or workload that will run on it.

In order to accelerate the adoption of this new infrastructure HP is launching HP’s Composable Infrastructure API and the HP Composable Infrastructure Partner Program. This combination will begin the automation and integration of orchestration tools with today’s infrastructure. HP has already partnered with several companies including: Chef Software, Docker, Puppet Labs, Ansible, and VMware. HP looks forward to brining on more partners as the imitative unfolds over the coming months.

Benefits include:

  • By essentially treating hardware infrastructure as code, ISVs and developers can programmatically control infrastructure and build out new workflows through HP’s Composable Infrastructure. This single, open API is native in HP OneView, which automates the provisioning, configuration, and monitoring of HP infrastructure.
  • By integrating with the HP’s Composable API, ISVs can provide solutions that let customers reduce the time spent on managing their environments and accelerate time to value. By providing interoperability with this API, ISVs can support customer requirements for both traditional IT environments and the rapidly growing digital economy.
  • Continuous delivery of applications and services requires policy-based automation of applications and infrastructure across Dev/Test/Production in a fast, fluid manner. HP’s Composable API enables integration into the Dev/Test/Production automation tool chains to drive a more aligned and responsive delivery of IT services to meet the needs of business.
  • The HP Composable Infrastructure Partner Program, part of HP Alliance One, provides a set of tools and resources that enable ISVs and developers to build interoperability between HP OneView and other software for programmatic access to infrastructure.  Access to the program is available to all Alliance One members.

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