by Bill Valle

VMware NSX Network Virtualization Announced

VMware is announcing its VMware NSX which enables the virtualization of existing network infrastructures. Using services from VMware NSX and its partner Ecosystem, this software can virtualize the network and manage the distribution of logical network functions into hypervisors in the data center. Administrators can provision complex, multi-tier virtual networks rapidly and independent of the underlying network infrastructure. VMware NSX provides Logical Switching (L2 over L3, decoupled from the network), Logical Routing (routing between virtual networks), and also includes an NSX API (RESTful API for integration into any cloud management platform).

On top of those features, logical network services include: Logical Firewall (distributed firewall integrated at kernel level), Logical Load Balancer (application load balancer), and a Logical VPN (site-to-site and remote access Virtual Private Network). The VMware NSX API exposes the software’s functions to partners and allows them to integrate the management and capabilities of switching, routing, load balancing, firewall, and VPN services.


VMware NSX will be available in Q4 2013.


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