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StorageReview Success Story: Canyon ISD

At StorageReview we frequently mention large enterprises and small to medium markets without elaborating on them to any real degree. The reason for this is that these terms can be applied to a wide range of businesses and organizations. One that would definitely fit in the SMB group would be a school. For this success story we look at Canyon Independent School District in the Texas Panhandle and how they have migrated to new gear over the last year. A special guest author, Michael Keough, has written this piece. 

Synology Releases FS1018, DS218, & Virtual Machine Manager

Today Synology Inc. announced the release of two new desktop NAS devices as well as the official launch of Virtual Machine Manager. Of the two new NAS, one is the FlashStation FS1018, Synology’s first all-flash Desktop NAS. The company is also releasing the 2-bay DiskStation DS218. And Synology announced that Virtual Machine Manager has moved out of beta to its official release.

Kaminario & Splunk Partner To Accelerate Autonomous Data Center Deployment

Today Kaminario released a K2 App for Splunk Enterprise. This application is designed to provide enterprise customers with intuitive dashboards and sophisticated analytics for the Kaminario K2 all-flash array. The two companies are also announcing a partnership that shows the benefits of running Splunk Analytics on the Kaminario K2 storage platform.

Toshiba & WD Stop Suing Each Other & Decide To Work Together

Toshiba Memory Corporation and Western Digital Corporation announced that they would hang up the gloves and end ongoing disputes in litigation and arbitration. The agreement the two companies entered into not only ends the disputes they have been having but increases the relationship. The two companies will be working together more closely on flash memory in the future.

Toshiba's Storage Node Software Obtains Industry-First NVMe-oF Certification

Toshiba Memory America (TMA) Inc. announced that its storage node software was the first to be certified by the University of New Hampshire Interoperability Lab (UNH-IOL). The software is billed as enabling low latency networked flash storage for cloud architectures. The software was thoroughly tested during NVMe Plugfest with RoCE NIC in the storage node. This marked the first Plugfest to test NVMe-oF (NVM Express over Fabrics) components, including NVMe-oF software.

Synology DiskStation DS1817 Review

The Synology DiskStation DS1817 is a high capacity, full-featured NAS solution that promises to bring high-end functionality and performance to the SMB market, all at an affordable price point. Whereas the DS1817+ is optimized for encryption and intensive tasks, the DS1817 is specced to potentially deliver higher data-transfer rates. It comes equipped with built-in, dual 10GbE LAN and dual Gigabit ports, and support for link aggregation and failover functions. Moreover, with its 8-bay configuration, the DS1817 is a very scalable device as it supports a maximum of 18 drives using two DX517 Synology expansion units for a whopping total of 216TB via 12TB drives.

Avere Introduces Its Biggest FXT Edge Filer Yet

Today Avere Systems released its biggest FXT Edge Filer to date, the FXT 5850. The company states that its latest, and largest, FXT Edge Filer is aimed to speed time to market, produce higher quality output and modernize the IT infrastructure with both cloud and advanced networking technologies. The FXT 5850 has been designed specifically for high data-growth industries.

Quantum Unveils Its Enterprise-Class Xcellis Scale-Out NAS

Today Quantum Corp. announced what it is calling the industry’s first workflow storage appliance to provide the management capabilities and robust features of enterprise scale-out NAS with the cost-effective scaling organizations need to address modern data growth, Xcellis Scale-Out NAS. Without giving numbers, Quantum stated that the new Xcellis NAS could more than triple performance of similar competing enterprise NAS at 1/10 the price. The combination of performance, price, and enterprise features are aimed at organizations where revenue and products are all built around data.

Accelerite Releases ShareInsights 2.0

Today Accelerite announced the release of the latest version of its Big Data analytics software, ShareInsights 2.0. What sets this analytics software apart is its ability to unify the big data analytics stack which in turn enables data preparation (ETL), OLAP, visualization and collaboration through a single interface. Accelerite claims that these abilities can potentially allow analysts to perform data preparation, analysis and visualization of millions of rows and terabytes of data in minutes. Also being announced today is Insight2Action, which is an automated process that drives specific actions from insights.

News Bits: Dell EMC, Virtual Instruments, Apple, Boomi, WekaIO, SwiftStack, & More

This week’s News Bits we look at a number of small announcements, small in terms of the content, not the impact they have. Virtual Instruments announces the newest version of VirtualWisdom. Druva announces record bookings and annual recurring revenue performance. Dell Boomi Gets an Update. SwiftStack 6 is now available. Dell EMC introduces new Future-Proof Storage Loyalty Program. Cavium announces a new partnership with IBM. WekaIO Version 3.1 is now available. Compuverde announces the availability of Hybrid Cloud v1.0.