by Bill Valle

EMC DLm 8100 and DLm 2100 (Disk Library for mainframe) Announced

EMC is announcing the DLm 8100 and DLm 2100, the fourth generation of its Disk Library for mainframe (DLm). The two systems build on expertise that EMC has developed since 2008 when the first generation DLm was released. The DLm 8100 and DLm 2100 feature increased performance, up 80%, and provide double the scalability over the previous (third) generation. Based on an enhanced virtual tape engine and new FICON adapters running at 8 Gb/s, EMC quotes the systems at 4 times faster than the closest competitor. The DLm architecture manages data in 4 key ways: Backup and Restore, Hierarchical Storage Management (HSM), Archiving, and General Work Tapes. This technology allows for faster backups, with restores completed in seconds, and it reduces data recalls from minutes to seconds. Additionally, it supports all tape applications in a single solution.

EMC’s two main offerings serve two different markets – SMEs and Large Enterprises. Serving small to medium environments, the DLm 2100 has up to 4 FICON connections and supports either VNX or Data Domain storage, which when configured for the latter data can be shared between mainframes and open system servers. Throughput is up to 700 MB/sec and it will scale up to 143 TB over a maximum of 512 virtual drives.

On the other hand, for large enterprises, the DLm 8100 supports from 4 to 16 of the 8Gb FICON channels, with up to 2,048 devices that scale out to a maximum of 11.4 PB of data. Storage platforms are the VMAX, VNX, and Data Domain and can utilize replication from SRDF/A, SRDF/S, VNX Replicator, or DD Replicator.

EMC Disk Library for mainframe (DLm)

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