by Lyle Smith

Imation Nexsan NST5000 Updated

Imation has announced the latest version of the Nexsan NST5000 unified hybrid storage system is now available, which addresses the increasing demand of enterprise-class storage capabilities in small to midsize enterprises. It also provides greater performance at an affordable price point for a variety of primary storage applications such as databases, virtual servers, and public and private cloud environments.

Long-term data retention is becoming an essential practice for enterprises and the adoption of virtualization and cloud computing is increasing every year. As a result, this creates pressure on users to find highly efficient and reliable storage solutions that can deliver performance, capacity, and ease of use. The NST5000 unified hybrid storage system fills that need by offering exceptional performance without the capacity limitations and the high cost of SSD-only solutions. The NST5000 uses the right amount of solid state cache needed to provide the performance-level users require, all the while mitigating storage costs. It also uses Nexsan’s E-Series high density external storage systems for maximum capacity.

Key enhancements of the latest version include:

  • A 400% increase in storage capacity to over five petabytes - giving users greater enterprise-level capacity to meet their fast growing data retention needs.
  • A 50% decrease in cost for solid-state cache with greater SSD capacity - improving overall price/performance value.
  • Streamlined management and administration for larger scale installations and managed service providers - including SNMP support for complex environments, a full command line interface (CLI) for advanced users, and an enhanced GUI that is faster and easier to use.
  • Support for VMware vStorage API for Array Integration (VAAI) accelerates vSphere server performance by up to 50% - providing hardware acceleration on the NST5000 when integrated into a VMware ESX/ESXi environment. This functionality accelerates the VMware ESX/ESXi host performance by offloading specific virtual machine and storage management operations to the NST5000 which reduces consumption of server CPU and memory and storage fabric bandwidth.


The newest version of the NST5000 is available now and can be purchased in large, medium and small configurations: from eight terabytes to over five petabytes of modular capacity.

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