by Josh Shaman

SanDisk X210 SSD Announced

SanDisk is announcing the immediate availability of the SanDisk X210 SSD to extend its business-optimized SSD line-up. The X210 SSD is comes in capacities up to 512GB and is engineered to enhance client PCs and notebooks and to drive data center performance. The new SSD implements 19nm lithography NAND to drive costs down, and SanDisk’s industry knowledge ensures that the drive will still provide the throughput and reliability client computing requires. On that note, the X210 offers up to 505MB/s for sequential reads and 470MB/s for sequential writes. These figures are achievable in part with the inclusion of SanDisk’s nCache technology (the same one featured in the SanDisk Extreme II SSD). To push TCO even lower, the drives include automated power management which includes DEVSLP capability.

Primarily, SanDisk cites performance in micro- and entry-level data center servers where the X210 SSD drives solid, sustainable performance for read-intensive workloads such as media streaming and cloud storage. Of course, for notebooks and desktops, the X210 SSD drastically increases boot-up speeds compared to HDDs and legacy SSDs, and it also enhances data transfers.


The new X210 SSD from SanDisk is available via the company’s recently introduced SanDisk Commercial Business Channel, which provides OEM and enterprise-grade SSDs to value-added resellers (VARs), system integrators (Sis) and direct market resellers (DMRs). On top of the X210 SSD, the channel also provides access to the SanDisk X110 SSD, Lightning SAS Enterprise SSD and Lightning PCIe Enterprise Solid State Accelerators.

SanDisk X210 SSD

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