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Toshiba 4TB MG SAS and SATA Hard Drives Announced

Toshiba has announced four new 7,200RPM MG Series HDDs in capacities up to 4TB. The new line of 3.5-inch drives includes self-encrypting models with both SATA and SAS interfaces. The MG Series doubles the maximum capacity of Toshiba’s previous business-critical hard drive family, and also offers an 18 percent increase in sustained transfer rates according to manufacturer benchmarks. Toshiba has designed the drives for tiered virtual infrastructures for public and private cloud deployments, archives, and disk-based backup and data protection solutions.

SATA self-encrypting (SED) models support cryptographic- erase using both T13 SANITIZE crypto-scramble protocol and the T13 ATA Security Erase command protocol. SAS SED models support both the T10 SANITIZE crypto-erase feature and the Trusted Computing Group Enterprise Security Sub-Classification protocols.


  • Models
    • SATA Standard: MG03ACA400, Encryption: MG03ACA400Y
    • SAS Standard: MG03SCA400, Encryption: MG03SCP400
  • Capacity: 4TB (5x800GB)
  • Buffer size: 64MiB FIFO ring buffer
  • Rotation speed: 7,200 rpm
  • Average latency time: 4.17 ms
  • Average seek time (read): 8.5 ms
  • Average seek time (write): 9.5 ms
  • Sustained transfer rate (maximum): 165 MB/s
  • Reliability
    • Load/Unload: 600,000 times
    • MTTF: 1,200,000 hours
  • Allowable voltage: 5V ±5%, 12V ±5%
  • Power consumption
    • Read/Write: 11.3 W
    • Low power idle: 6.0 W
  • Height: 26.1 mm
  • Width: 101.6 mm
  • Depth: 147 mm
  • Weight: 720 g (max.)
  • Operating Temperature: 5-55℃
  • Nonoperating Temperature: -40-70℃
  • Vibration resistance (operating): 7.35 m/s2 {0.75G, 5-300Hz}, 2.45 m/s2 {0.25G, 300-500Hz}
  • Vibration resistance (nonoperating): 49 m/s2 {5G, 5~500Hz}
  • Shock (operating): 686 m/s2 {70G, 2ms duration}
  • Shock (nonoperating): 2,940 m/s2 {300G, 2ms duration}
  • Acoustics: 31 dB


Sample shipments of the MG 4TB series models will start in December, with volume shipments scheduled for early 2013.

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