by Michael Rink

Actifio Launches Copy Data Management SaaS Platform

Today Actifio unveiled Actifio Go, a multi-cloud Copy Data Management (CDM) Software as a Service (Saas) platform. Actifio Go is designed to make it faster and less expensive to backup, restore, and meet regulatory/compliance requirements for applications both on-premise and distributed across multi-cloud environments. Actifio has been a leading provider of CDM and cloud services for a number of years. Most recently we covered their Actifio Sky platform.

Actifio Go is built on Actifio’s established Data-as-a-Servicemulti-cloud Sky platform. Actifio GO enables enterprise backup and is designed to allow DevOps administrators operating in multi-cloud environments to focus on data management policies. As is becoming increasingly common, Go supports hybrid and multi-cloud environments like those used by the largest international companies, as well as providing options that require no on-premise storage. It specifically focuses on reducing the overhead and security concerns caused by duplicate copy data. Copy Data, according to Actifio, is on average 13 times the size of production data. IDC estimated that $50.6 billion was spent in 2018 on the infrastructure, governance, and security of copies of data. 

Today, Actifio Go comes with support for VMware as part of the SaaS solution. Actifio plans to expand their range of offerings in the future, but for now, their key features are: 

  • One hour to go-live: Sign up, configure, backup, and restore in one hour.
  • Five choices of multi-cloud backup targets: AWS, Azure, Google, IBM, and Wasabi.
  • Recover VMs directly from cloud object storage back to on-premises, using the streaming network protocol and object storage data store
  • Optional on-premise storage

Actifio Go

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