by Adam Armstrong

AWS To Acquire E8 Storage

According to Globes, an Israeli Business News site, Amazon intends to buy E8 Storage. The acquisition is stated to be for as much as $60 million sources suggest, though the actual number is not known and can be higher or lower. Once Amazon acquires E8, it will have the latter’s employees join AWS development center in Tel Aviv.

E8 Storage uses software to develop its flash storage. The company has made claims of its ability to be much faster than hardware solutions currently on the market, while costing less. In January of last year, the company boasted of its recording-breaking benchmark on the SPEC SF2014. They also set a benchmark record about this time last year in SPECSPS 2014. One of the main focuses of E8 was helping enterprises build private internal cloud infrastructure or boost the performance of public clouds, most likely the reason why AWS was interested. E8 has been able to raise over $18 million in funding since its founding. 

It will be interesting to see in the future how AWS leverages this new technology within its cloud product line. Or perhaps, AWS was interested in acquiring the talent through purchasing the company. 

Globes Article On AWS E8 acquisition

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