by Josh Shaman

Continuity Software AvailabilityGuard/SAN Announced

Continuity Software is announcing that it's expanding its risk management offerings by adding AvailabilityGuard/SAN, software which detects downtime and data loss risks across a SAN to ensure that data is protected and business continuity goals are met. As the modern SAN generally comprises several vendors' solutions and can be managed by multiple IT teams or individuals, configuration errors are bound to happen. Additionally, lots of organizations lack a universal management tool, meaning that changes in one sector of the SAN might not be completed in another region due to oversight or another IT admin being unaware. AvailabilityGuard/SAN utilizes a community-supported knowledgebase that compiles thousands of potential risks, and then it searches for and finds them. From there, it validates vendor best practices to ensure that the configuration is optimized.

AvailabilityGuard/SAN Features

  • Automatic daily verification of the SAN fabric
  • Validation that configuration changes do not introduce downtime and/or data loss risks
  • Impact review of configuration changes prior to deployment
  • Clear visibility into SAN configuration – end-to-end

Other risk management software available from Continuity Software’s AvailabilityGuard product suite includes products for the cloud, disaster recovery (DR), clusters, and enterprise offerings. AvailabilityGuard/Enterprise provides organizations with control over managing service availability and business continuity readiness across their IT infrastructure. AvailabilityGuard/DR enables IT admins to detect vulnerabilities before they become issues. AvailabilityGuard/Cluster continuously monitors high availability (HA) cluster configurations to identify downtime/data loss risks. Rounding out the line, AvailabilityGuard/Cloud protects from risks in private cloud environments.

Pricing and Availability

Guard/SAN is now generally available and priced starting at $20,000/year.

Continuity Software AvailabilityGuard/SAN