by Lyle Smith

Datrium Cloud DVX Announced

Datrium has announced Datrium Cloud DVX, a cloud-native instance of DVX that offers recovery services for VMs running in DVX on premises. Cloud DVX is highlighted by global cloud deduplication functionality and offers a simple and efficient VM and vDisk level backup and recovery, which is available within a converged or hyperconverged infrastructure system.

The new Cloud DVX provides a simple one-click setup with AWS for seamless backup instance storage and recovery as a SaaS-based offering, eliminating any necessary complicated setup. The service includes automated software upgrades and proactive support related to AWS resources. It will also deal with any EC2 service outages so users don’t have to. To further simplify public cloud backup and recovery, Cloud DVX provides direct-to-host restore, which eliminates the management of an additional on-premises backup or cloud gateway device--along with their costs.

Cloud DVX provides global cloud deduplication for AWS S3 across multiple protection groups, on-premises DVX systems, and multiple sites. With its support for forever-incremental backups, Datrium claims that no additional full backups are needed after the initial seeding. In addition, the differential, dedupe-aware snapshot backup service allows their customers to maintain full on-the-wire and at-rest data-efficiency. Adding a separate VPN and related AWS charges are not needed, as this service supports end-to-end encryption.

Because of this focus on data and network efficiency, Datrium also claims that AWS resources are 65% lower and 91% lower versus the S3-based products from hyperconverged and hyperconverged backup vendors, respectively. In addition, it has 2X faster RTO than Nutanix Cloud Connect and 2X faster RTO compared to HCI Backup vendors.

Pricing and Availability

The Datrium Cloud DVX recovery service is priced at $6,000 per 5TB per year and is slated for availability within the next two months.


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