by Lyle Smith

Diablo Technologies Wins Decisive Victory Against Netlist in ULLtraDIMM Lawsuit

The ongoing legal battle between Diablo Technologies and Netlist, concerning ULltraDIMM technology, seems to be coming to an end with the announcement that the United States District Court for the Northern District of California ruled to completely dissolve a preliminary injunction enacted in January 2015. Diablo indicates that this ruling definitively reaffirms their right to ship its their Memory Channel Storage chipset without restriction and believes that the last part of this back-and-forth legal process will have the court awarding Diablo the bond posted by Netlist, which also occurred in January of this year.

The last that was heard of this court battle was roughly a month ago when Diablo won a "decisive victory" on March 25th where a federal Jury ruled unanimously in favor of the company. Netlist appealed the decision, but it was quite clear that things were going in favor of Diablo, so this announcement comes at no surprise. It will certainly be interesting to see if a also judge rules in favor of awarding Diablo the bond that the company believes it is entitled to.

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