by Adam Armstrong

Dot Hill Announces Latest Version Of Its RealStor Software

Today Dot Hill Systems Corp announced the release of its latest version of its RealStor software, version 2.0. This new update is designed to deliver application workload-aware intelligence for next-generation hybrid flash storage arrays such as the Dot Hill AssuredSAN Ultra48.

RealStor 2.0 is aimed at helping any organization that require efficient, virtualized, real-time storage management, real-time tiering, increased efficiency, high reliability, and all of this can be delivered with better cost effectiveness. RealStor 2.0 is available for Dot Hill's entire line of storage systems equipped with the latest generation AssuredSAN 4004 storage controllers.

Key features and benefits include:

  • RealTier – automatic real-time storage tiering allowing hybrid arrays to perform comparable to all-flash arrays. Data can be efficiently placed and moved, in real time, across three tiers: flash, high-speed disk, and near-line large capacity devices. The use of lower cost storage can save companies up to 75 percent on storage expenses. RealTier 2.0 puts the most accessed data in the highest tier of SSD storage resulting in extremely high read and write access, versus other storage arrays read-cache implementations. Also there is no once a day data mitigation as the data can be moved in real time to multiple tiers with the frequently accessed data going to the SSDs and the less frequently accessed data moving to near-line devices resulting in a lower overall cost.
  • RealPool – automatic virtualized storage across device types into a single versatile pool. Not only does this improve I/O operations by two and a half times without impacting performance, it simplifies disk management, enables thin provisioning, rapid RAID rebuild, tiering, adds flexibility and optimization
  • RealThin – optimized thin provisioning for capacity management that lowers cost of capacity by only consume capacity as needed
  • RealSnap – virtual snapshots with no performance impacts that can be nested hierarchically and are fully writable
  • RealQuick – a rebuild for the data being used not the entire RAID set translating into a ten times faster restore
  • RealCache – allows SSDs to become an extension of the controller cache, increasing controller cache by up to 100 times, which results in increased IOPS performance for read-centric workloads.

Worth noting is Dot Hill is using best-in-class HGST SAS SSDs for these new duties. Our Ultra48 review unit has already been oufitted with four SSDs and testing is underway to measure the Ultra48 with the new features and updated interface. Thus far, the process of slotting in the new drives and updating software has been a simple process. 


Dot Hill RealStor 2.0 is shipping now with all AssuredSAN arrays that have 4004 controllers. Customers would already purchased an AssuredSAN array can acquire RealStor 2.0 from an authorized Dot Hill partner. RealTier premium components can be unlocked via a licensing key and upgrade charge for Dot Hill RealStor customers with SSDs.

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