by Adam Armstrong

Eaton Adds Metered Outlet Models To ePDU G3 Portfolio

Toady Eaton Corporation Plc announced that its third generation ePDU platform has metered outlet power measurement capabilities. IT and data center managers will now have the ability to monitor and measure factors such as voltage, current and power consumption enabling them to lower power consumption.

Eaton’s new ePDUs are especially beneficial to colocation data centers that require the benefits of outlet level monitoring without an outlet switching component. The new ePDUs, along with Eaton’s metered input and managed models, now feature a daisy-chain function enabling up to 8 ePDUs to share the same network connection and IP address. Eaton claims this will reduce network infrastructure costs by almost 88%. Existing installations can take advantage of this feature through a free firmware update.

Eaton's ePDUs connected to a network are optimized to work with Eaton’s Intelligent Power Manager Software. This software allows end users to monitor multiple units through virtualization systems like VMware vCenter Server. Both the new metered outlet and managed model ePDUs are designed so that precise power consumption can be measured at individual outlets. This ability to hone in on power consumption enables organization to make better decisions on how to reduce power usage. Also this level of monitoring helps with accurate Level 3 power usage effectiveness calculations.

Eaton’s ePDU platform network modules are hot-swappable to avoid downtime and all Eaton ePDU G3 models feature a new patent-pending International Electrotechnical Commission outlet grip designed to eliminate the risks associated with the common problem of plugs falling out of outlets due to bumps or vibrations.

Availability and pricing

The new ePDU metered outlet are available now and start at $1,100.

Eaton Metered Outlet ePDU page

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