by Lyle Smith

Echostreams FlacheStreams SSD Flash Servers Now Available

Echostreams Innovative Solutions has announced the availability of its line of patented ultra-high performance SSD flash servers, FlacheStreams, which are capable of sustaining 11GB/s in Sequential Read in 1U with 20x SSDs - FlacheSAN1L, and 22GB/s in a 2U server with 48x SSDs - FlacheSAN2. We are currently using a FlacheSAN2 2u 48 bay model in our lab for long-term testing.

For digital content streaming, up to nine uncompressed 4K HD video streams are supported concurrently while 1.56 million IOPs can be sustained for online transactional database applications. FlacheSAN servers come equipped with the latest Adaptec Series 8 12Gb/s SAS controllers. Additionally, FlacheSAN2 only consumes only 450W of power at the maximum performance level, making it the highest energy-efficient solution currently on the market. The patented tool-less SSD tray design also reduces the integration time significantly, which further reduces the operational cost for the solution providers.

The FlacheSAN systems are designed specifically for the standard 2.5" form factor 7-mm thick SSDs, supporting twice the density of conventional general-purpose servers. As a result, this maximizes the utilization of the available I/O bandwidths offered by the latest server technologies. FlacheSAN2 supports up to 9 usable PCIe add-in card slots, which in turn can support up to 3x Adaptec 16-port SAS controllers for point-to-point connection to the SSDs, as well as up to 22x 8GFC ports or 5x FDR InfiniBand ports for optimized performance. In addition, FlacheSAN1L supports two Adaptec controllers and up to 4x 40-Gigabit Ethernet ports. Both platforms are ideal for today's datacenters, covering usage models from IaaS (Infrastructure as a Service), PaaS (Platform as a Service), cloud cache, digital content streaming, and Virtual Desktop Infrastructures for enterprises and small-medium-businesses.

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