by Adam Armstrong

FalconStor Announces OpenStack Cinder Integration For FreeStor

At the OpenStack Summit in Tokyo, FalconStor Software Inc. introduced an OpenStack Cinder Integration for its FreeStor intelligent software-defined platform. The integration is ideal for companies wanting to take full advantage of FreeStor within OpenStack.

As OpenStack moves more and more toward being the industry standard open source cloud operating system, users are combining FreeStor with OpenStack to move older data management operations to the cloud. Cinder virtualizes pools of block storage devices while allowing end users to utilize this storage pool without the need for actually knowing where or on what type of device this storage resides.  With an integration driver to Cinder, FreeStor’s seamless unified data services can be converged and virtualized across all storage environments utilized within the OpenStack framework.

As we previously stated, FreeStor accomplishes this horizontal flow through its Intelligent Abstraction core. The Intelligent Abstraction core allows data in all of its forms to migrate across all platforms by optimizing the storage resources into a storage resource pool that can be provisioned to physical or virtual applications. It also allows existing storage infrastructure to be combined with the latest technology; this would be a serious plus for IT departments looking to utilize new solutions such as flash, software-defined storage, and the cloud while still being able to use their existing solutions. Data can be moved non-disruptively from any location to another.

Not only will FreeStor allow data migration between all types of storage solutions, regardless of age, but also customers should see significant performance improvements (over 1 million IOPS per IO cluster). FreeStor uses centralized management GUI (though the web, tablets, and smartphones) with enhanced REST API. And FreeStor’s increased deduplication and backup efficiencies improve storage utilization. And WAN optimized replication and data movement can reduce costs by as much as 95%.

The new Cinder driver will enable the above features on OpenStack and will be submitted to OpenStack for ratification as part of the March Mitaka OpenStack release.

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