by Chris Thomas

Lenovo Launches StorSelect DX8200C and DX8200N

Bringing forth a new Software Defined Storage (SDS) appliance program, Lenovo today took the wraps off of its new StorSelect DX8200C and DX8200N appliances. Aiming to reduce storage costs with affordable hardware and services Lenovo is initially partnering with software providers Nexenta Systems for the DX8200N and Cloudian for the DX8200C. These partnerships will allegedly help rein in storage costs to as little as $0.01/GB per month.

Built upon Lenovo’s x86 server platform, both appliances are infinitely scalable. In particular, the DX8200N offers unified file and block storage across all-flash, hybrid, and platter drives.

With Cloudian’s HyperStore software, the DX8200C pre-integrated object storage appliance
boasts a ready-to-deploy compatibility with Amazon’s S3 storage service. This grants integration with thousands of applications within the AWS ecosystem.

DX8200C Key Features:

  • 100% AWS/S3 Compliant object storage
  • Scale from 3 to several hundred servers per cluster
  • Reduced storage costs to $0.01/GB per month
  • Multi-region data sharing with no data size constraint

DX8200N Key Features:

  • Unified file and block storage
  • VMware cloud backend, OpenStack, and Cloudstack compatibility
  • All-flash, hybrid, or platter configurations

Both the DX8200C and DX8200N will be available in the third quarter of 2016.

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