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Lenovo Next Generation of ThinkPad P Series Mobile Workstations

Lenovo has announced the next generation of its ThinkPad P Series with five new products, the ThinkPad P73, ThinkPad P53, ThinkPad P1 Gen 2, and ThinkPad P53s and P43s. These new additions are designed for professionals who need both power and portability and feature a range of reliability and security features.

Of the new mobile solutions, the 15-inch ThinkPad P53 is their most powerful. Highlighted by NVIDIA Quadro RTX 5000 GPU with RT and Tensor cores, the ThinkPad P53 allows engineers, architects and designers to access workflows that were normally carried out by a 17” mobile workstation. It also features Intel Xeon and 9th Gen Core class CPUs with up to eight cores (including the Core i9), up to 128GB of memory, and 6TB of storage.

ThinkPad P53 also features a new OLED Touch display with Dolby Vision HDR for superb color and a new, 35 percent smaller power supply.

The Gen 2 ThinkPad P1 weighs in at just 3.74 pounds and is 17.2mm thin, making it Lenovo’s thinnest and lightest 15-inch workstation to date. It features the latest NVIDIA Quadro Turing T1000 and T2000 GPUs is outfitted with new features such as eight-core Intel 9th Gen Xeon and Core CPUs, and an OLED Touch display with Dolby Vision HDR. The P1 also now sports a carbon fiber finish offered on a 4K UHD panel.

The ThinkPad P73 is a 17-inch power-driven mobile workstation that offers a 17.3-inch Dolby Vision 4K UHD screen and a 35-percent smaller power adaptor. Like the ThinkPad P53, the P73 is outfitted with the latest Intel Xeon and Core processors and the most powerful NVIDIA Quadro RTX graphics. This gives users industries such as finance and healthcare the performance and screen real estate they need.

Lastly are the ThinkPad P53s and ThinkPad P43s, which combine the latest NVIDIA Quadro graphics and Intel Core processors a thin and light chassis. The 15-inch P53s is designed for mobile use of AutoCAD, Revit, SOLIDWORKS and other demanding applications, while the new 14-inch P43s (an even more compact solution) is Lenovo's most mobile workstation to date; though it features the same power as its large cousin. The P43s is the company’s only 14-inch workstation in their portfolio and is designed to meet the high-mobility needs of entry-professionals, educators and students.

Lenovo has also announced that it will be adding new X-Rite Pantone Factory Color Calibration to the ThinkPad P1 Gen 2, ThinkPad P53 and ThinkPad P73. This technology is ideal for professionals working in video content creation, photography, oil and gas, and other industries, all of which require precise colors in their workflow. The factory color calibration profile is also stored in the cloud and allows for dynamic switching between color spaces such as sRGB, Adobe RGB and DCI-P3.

In addition, Lenovo’s ThinkPad portfolio is bundled with advanced ThinkShield security features, such as ThinkShutter privacy screens and self-healing BIOS that recover when attacked or corrupted.

Pricing and availability

  • The ThinkPad P53 will be available in July, starting at $1799.
  • The ThinkPad P1 Gen 2 will be available at the end of June, starting at $1949.
  • The ThinkPad P73 will be available in August, starting at $1849.
  • The ThinkPad P53s and ThinkPad P43s will be available in June and July, respectively, starting at $1499.

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