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Memblaze Introduces PBlaze4 700 Series of NVMe Compliant PCIe SSDs

Today Memblaze Technology Co., Ltd. launched its next generation of PCIe SSD Series with comprehensive support for the NVMe 1.1 standard and PCIe 3.0 interface, the PBlaze4 700 Series. First announced back in December of 2014, the new PBlaze4 700 Series is based on PMC’s Flashtec NVMe controllers and is designed to provide a high-performance and high-reliability SSD for hyperscale data centers and enterprise clients.

With Big Data growing by the day, the need for enterprise-class SSDs grows with it. According to IDC, in 2017 the total available market for enterprise-class SSDs will climb to $1.6 billion, where the attach-rate of cloud data centers will be more than 90%. IDC also predicts that PCIe interface will account for 53% of the market gradually overtaking SATA/SAS as the main SSD interface.

The new PBlaze4 700 Series comes in capacities ranging from 800GB to 3.2TB in both 2.5” and add-in card form factor. There is also the new C900, which is a full-height, half-length add-in card with 6.4TB of capacity. Memblaze makes performance claims of up to 4.0GB/s for read bandwidth and 2.5GB/s for write bandwidth, and 800K IOPS for random read and 250K IOPS for random write.

Along with the new drives, Memblaze upgraded its core technologies to version 2.0, including MemSpeed and MemSolid. MemSpeed 2.0 contains FTL, write cache, hardware multi-Q, multi-core and Adaptive Smooth Technology to ensure the maximum release of flash performance edges. MemSolid2.0 contains data protection technologies such, as strong BCH ECC, Enhanced Power Failure Protection, RAIN, Randomize, pSLC and Fast Recovery guaranteeing high reliability and high availability.

Advantages include:

  • Comprehensive support for the NVMe standard. As all new versions of main operating systems, such as Windows, Linux and VMware, support NVMe and have native driver, users can directly use PBlaze4 without installing private driver. Alternatively, if the motherboard supports the UEFI protocol, PBlaze4 can be used as boot driver.
  • High performance and performance consistency. Firstly, NVMe supports multiple queues and higher queue depth, effectively reducing the contention of multiple cores on the host side and reaching the CPU performance edges. On the device side, PBlaze4 adopts Hardware Multi-Q technology to align with the performance growth of the host side, further improving SSD performance; secondly, the PBlaze4 device strengthens concurrent processing capabilities via Multi-core Computing; finally, PBlaze4 can effectively resolve I/O congestion problems by controlling the NAND’s internal dispatching mechanism for information flow, ensuring performance consistency.
  • All-around data protection schemes to guarantee high reliability. Firstly, enhanced BCH error correction code, data re-read technology and RAID mechanism among LUN are utilized for data error correction and recovery; secondly, pSLC mode with longer life span and lower error rate is used to store and protect metadata; thirdly, power failure protection can ensure data consistency in case of abnormal power failure; finally, as global FTL wears more evenly, PBlaze4 service life is further extended.
  • The PBlaze4 D700 series are all of 2.5” form factor and support hot plug and removal.
  • New Out-of-Band management function. Through SMBUS interface, users can view information such as manufacturer ID, temperature and SMART of PBlaze4.

Features include:

  • Supports NVMe1.1; Native driver for all main operating systems, enabling users to use PCIe SSDs without installing a driver. With motherboard support for UEFI protocol, PBlaze4 can be used directly as a boot driver.
  • The two inclusive core technical systems: MemSpeed and MemSolid, comprehensively improve PCIe SSD performance and guarantee high reliability and high QoS. PBlaze4 random read and write (4k) performances are up to 800K/250K IOPS, read and write bandwidths are increased to 4.0GB/s and 2.5GB/s, and latency is lowered to 20μs.
  • Adopts enhanced BCH error correction technology, improving error correction capability to 100bits/4KB; Optimized RAID algorithm across NAND, ensuring UBER is less than 10e -17.
  • The 700 Series has various versions ranging from 800GB to 3.2TB capacity, each available in both 2.5” form factor and add-in card. The C900 is a full-height, half-length mass add-in card with 6.4TB (8TB raw capacity).


The PBlaze4 700 Series is available today.

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