by Adam Armstrong

Netlist Unveils Its New SCM Product, HybriDIMM

Today at the Flash Memory Summit in Santa Clara, California Netlist Inc. announced and intends to demonstrate its first Storage Class Memory (SCM) product, HybriDIMM. The HybriDIMM is a unified DRAM-NAND solution that will enable users to scale memory (up to the terabyte level) as well as accelerate storage into what Netlist is claiming to nanosecond memory speeds. Netlist’s HybriDIMM uses an industry standard DDR4 LRDIMM interface, meaning that it can operate in current Intel x86 servers without BIOS and hardware changes.

Building off of a partnership with Samsung last year, Netlist combines an on-DIMM co-processor with its PreSight technology ─ predictive software-defined data management – to unify memory and storage at what it is calling, near-DRAM speeds. Netlist goes on to claim that its HybriDIMM can reduce data access latency by up to 1,000 times versus the fastest existing storage solution and provides up to 80% cost reduction compared to the highest existing memory density for in-memory applications. Netlist intends to demonstrate both how easily the HybriDIMM interfaces with standard x86 equipment and that it can concurrently present both block storage and byte addressable persistent memory, while running at near memory speeds.

Features include:

  • Unifies memory and storage into one module (DIMM), breaking the decades-long limitations of the Von Neumann computing architecture
  • Applies the predictive algorithms of the PreSight technology to pre-fetch and stage required data to scale memory to storage capacities
  • Accelerates storage access time to near memory speeds using advanced buffering technology
  • Allows the use of multi-Terabytes of persistent memory at speeds an order of magnitude faster than NAND, to run real-time in-memory applications on existing Intel-based servers
  • Gen. 1 HybriDIMM: configurable 256-512GB NAND + 8-16GB DRAM per DIMM/1866 MTS 3DPC for Broadwell with Linux support; block storage mode, application direct mode
  • Gen. 2 HybriDIMM: configurable 1TB NAND + 32GB DRAM per DIMM/2400 MTS 2DPC for Purley with Linux, Windows support; block storage mode, application direct mode


Netlist will provide select customers samples later this year with production expected to begin sometime in 2017.

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