by Adam Armstrong

News Bits: NETINT, Cisco, Cloudian, Dell, Virtual Instruments, Dell EMC, Samsung & Fujifilm

This week’s News Bits we look at a number of small announcements, small in terms of the content, not the impact they have. NETINT Codensity SSDs achieve PCIe 4.0 compliance. Cisco to acquire CloudCherry. Cloudian announces general availability of HyperStore Xtreme. Dell Technologies announces second quarter earnings. Virtual Instruments releases VirtualWisdom 6.2. Dell EMC releases OneFS 8.2.1. Samsung develops KV SSD prototype. Fujifilm releases LTO Ultrium 8 data cartridge.

NETINT Codensity SSDs Achieve PCIe 4.0 Compliance

NETINT Technologies announced that its Codensity G4 SSD Controller SoC and D400 Series Solid State Drives are among the first PCIe endpoints and SSDs to pass PCIe 4.0 compliance testing and be added to the PCI-SIG Integrators List. NETINT claims that Codensity D400 Series were one of the first SSDs designed to support PCIe 4.0 and comes with all the benefits including twice the throughput of PCIe 3.0. The NETINT Codensity D400 SSDs are powered by Codensity G4 SSD Controller Soc and support the latest NVMe features.

NETINT Codensity

Cisco To Acquire CloudCherry

Cisco announced that it intends to acquire the Customer Experience Management (CEM) company, CloudCherry. The acquisition will enhance Cisco’s Contact Center portfolio. The acquisition is expected to close in the first quarter of Cisco’s fiscal year 2020.


Cloudian Announces GA Of HyperStore Xtreme

Cloudian announced the general availability of its HyperStore Xtreme object storage solution. The new platform is powered by Seagate and is said to offer the following benefits and features:

  • Over 1.5 PB in a 4U height enclosure, providing up to 18PB of storage in a single data center rack, thereby saving scarce data center space.
  • Cost under 1/2 cent per GB/month, a savings of up to 70% vs. Storage-as-a-Service.
  • Increased cost-efficiency as the solution scales, in contrast to traditional storage systems that become costlier per unit of storage as capacity grows.
  • The ability to scale to an exabyte of capacity without interruption and span multiple locations while presenting all storage as a single pool.
  • The industry’s most compatible S3 object storage, proven interoperable with the rapidly expanding ecosystem of S3-based applications and cloud solutions.
  • Faster access to new technology innovations—at least six months faster than previously possible—and the ongoing cost savings that this provides.

HyperStore Xtreme

Dell Technologies Announces Q220 Earnings

Dell Technologies announced its second quarter earnings for its fiscal year, 2020. Numbers include:

  • Second quarter revenue was $23.4 billion, up 2%, and non-GAAP revenue was $23.5 billion, up 1%
  • Operating income of $519 million; non-GAAP operating income of $2.7 billion
  • Diluted earnings per share was $4.83; non-GAAP diluted earnings per share was $2.15

Dell Technologies Investor Relations

Virtual Instruments Releases VirtualWisdom 6.2

Virtual Instruments announced the release of the latest version of its hybrid IT infrastructure management and AIOps platform, VirtualWisdom 6.2. Key features of the new VirtualWisdom include:

  • VirtualWisdom Workload RightSizer: The most intelligent VM placement analytic in the industry rightsizes VMs by scaling them up or down across an entire application, helping assure service delivery and business value. Customers can set different policies per tier; control the amount of CPU and memory for each VM, host or cluster; analyze utilization and over-subscription; and make better decisions via richer, more granular data.  
  • Workload Drift Analyzer: Determines when changes in application workload behavior is anomalous or, as a result of application changes, is the root-cause of the performance issues observed.  Delivers real-time alerts to restore workload balance and application performance. 
  • Dell EMC Isilon Integration: Assures Isilon cluster performance at scale by bringing industry-leading performance analysis to Dell EMC Isilon environments. The new integration has been validated against the world’s largest production Isilon clusters monitoring hundreds of nodes in a single VirtualWisdom instance. VirtualWisdom maps application dependencies to Isilon clusters, and nodes; collecting and storing over 1500 metrics at 10-second granularity; and delivering unparalleled scale and fidelity.
  • Predictive Capacity Management: Monitors, reports, forecasts and alarms against the capacity consumption rate.   The Capacity Forecast alarm allows customers to specify how many days, weeks or months they wish to be notified prior to potential capacity exhaustion on nodes or clusters.
  • Updated VirtualWisdom Proactive Dashboards: Deliver Smart Charts with support for annotation, linking, and smart naming; and live topology views that are specific to infrastructure or applications


Dell EMC Releases OneFS 8.2.1

Dell EMC announced an update to its Isilon operating system, OneFS 8.2.1. New benefits include:

  • Scale cluster capacity up to 139 PB of usable capacity[3] up from 58 PB in OneFS 8.2.
  • Deliver up to 3:1 compression and in-line deduplication on the F810 all-flash platform depending on the dataset.
  • In-line compression and deduplication operations on the F810 seamlessly interoperate with all existing Isilon storage platforms and all OneFS software modules.
  • Increased storage capacity and efficiency reduces data center footprint and resources consumed.
  • Dell EMC’s 2:1 Data Reduction Guarantee eliminates risks and provides peace of mind to the customer.

Dell EMC OneFS

Samsung Develops KV SSD Prototype

Samsung announced that it successfully developed the first standards-based prototype of a new type of SSD that features extensive scalability, unmatched durability and CPU-relieving functionality, Samsung’s KV SSD prototype. The Prototype is based on a new open standard for a Key Value Application Programming Interface (KV API) that was recently approved by SNIA. Benefits are said to include:

  • Much-improved system-level performance
  • Freeing the CPU from computational work, such as block operations and storage-level garbage collection
  • Substantially greater scalability in the number of linked SSDs by reducing CPU overload
  • Greatly reduced write amplification (WAF)
  • Much less wear on each SSD
  • Greater software efficiency


Fujifilm Releases LTO Ultrium 8 Data Cartridge

Fujifilm released its next generation LTO Ultrium 8 data cartridge. The new cartridge has a capacity of 12TB native and 30TB compressed with a transfer rate of 750MB/s. The new cartridges will meet the needs for high capacity, cost-effective and reliable long-term storage.

Fujifilm LTO Ultrium 8

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