by Adam Armstrong

Pivot3 Announces New Version Of vSTAC

Today Pivot3 announced its first joint product since its acquisition of NexGen, the latest version of vSTAC. According to Pivot3, this new version will take HCI past where it is currently being used (VDI, backup, DR, and ROBO) and bring it into the full spectrum of data center applications.

The acquisition of NexGen gave Pivot3 access to the other companies PCIe flash array and Quality of Service (QoS) innovations. This marks what one expects to be the first of many announcements of new products that utilize the technology gained in the acquisition. This version of vSTAC combines Pivot3’s HCI appliances into a multi-tier flash array governed by NexGen’s advanced QoS engine. The HCI and flash array can be managed from a single console using a VMware vCenter Server plug-in, this includes the ability to provision storage services down to a VM level. Pivot3 claims that these new abilities in vSTAC will allow performance to scale in order to meet data center needs. They go on to claim that based on simple policy-based management users can see up to 94% resource efficiency, high availability with sustained performance, and guaranteed application performance.

The new version of vSTAC is aimed at environments where there is diverse set of mixed application workloads or users that need guaranteed performance. Pivot3 states that its new product will bring scalability to HCI and eliminate the need to overprovision capacity or performance.


The newest version of vSTAC is expected to be available June 30 and will come in three base configurations. 

Pivot3 vSTAC

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