by Adam Armstrong

Ravello Enables Hacker Simulation in the Cloud

Today Ravello Systems announced the cyber security company, LightCyber, is the latest to use Ravello’s security sandboxing in the cloud. This sandboxing allows companies to run hacker simulations on life-like user environments, but inside a secure capsule in the cloud.

Ravello’s nested virtualization and software-defined networking technology can be used to recreate entire data centers with existing virtual appliances on public clouds such as AWS and Google. Once created companies such as LightCyber, Symantec (Hacker Academy) and SimSpace can create and test simulated security attacks at a much lower cost than testing the attacks in dedicated hardware.

By using Ravello, LightCyber is able to employ a scalable system for sophisticated hacking simulations. LightCyber’s Cyber Attack Training System (C.A.T.S) is actually based off of a simulated enterprise environment created by using Ravello. In order to introduce and showcase C.A.T.S, LightCyber will be hosting a Hacker Simulation Challenge, again using Ravello for the simulated corporate network environment. The Hacker Simulation Challenge will start on Tuesday, Nov. 10th and will be open for 12 hours and will feature more than 100 contestants from around the world.

Capabilities include:

  • Provide access to fully isolated layer 2 networking in AWS and Google Cloud
  • Run existing data center environments unmodified in the public cloud
  • Save multi-node blueprints for repeatable deployments

Availability and pricing

Ravello’s technology is available today and starts at $0.14 per hour.

Ravello main site

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