by Adam Armstrong

Rubrik Aims To Shake Up the Backup and Recovery Industry

Today Rubrik announced $10 million in Series A funding from investors such as Lightspeed Venture Partners, John W. Thompson, Frank Slootman, and Mark Leslie. Rubrik’s aim is to offer live data access for recovery and application development. Rubrik will use enterprise data management with web-scale IT, to eliminate backup software through what they are referring to as a "Time Machine for the enterprise." They claim it “installs in record time, is easy to manage, and eliminates the need for backup software or globally deduplicated storage.” Rubrik’s new Converged Data Management platform is being offered as an alternative to stitched together legacy pieces that IT has been using. Rubrik says that its new platform will save business significant costs while increasing management efficiencies.

Rubrik features founders with a pretty impressive background in the IT community: The CEO is Bipul Sinha, a board member of Nutanix and PernixData as well as a partner in Lightspeed Venture Partners. The vice president of engineering is Arvind Jain, Google distinguished engineer and founding engineer of Riverbed Technology. The architect is Soham Mazumdar, co-founder of Tagtile (acquired by Facebook) and architect of Google’s disk-based search index. And the CTO is Arvind Nithrakashyap, co-founder of Oracle Exadata and Oracle Cluster Principal engineer. As claimed on their main site, between their employees there is 155 years of experience, 135 patents, and 13 ping pong players.

We had a chance to look at Rubrik’s platform prior to the announcement, where we got a glimpse at the beautiful web interface that was also incredibly easy to navigate. Among other tasks, the interfaces allows users instant recovery down to the file level, where Rubrik claims is much faster than legacy backup solutions. With performance near primary-data speeds, it lets users rely less on snapshots (and their realative high cost of eating expensive storage) and more on their backup appliance. Users can easily find the VM they are looking for by typing it into the search at the top of their screen and can also locate snapshots to restore, mount, export, or browse. The interface, hinting at its high-performance capabilities, shows the IOPS throughput and speed as well as remaining storage capacity. Rubrik accomplishes this through their innovative software and by leveraging the latest hardware technologies including flash. 

Rubrik is already working with several customers and partners and is offering an Early Access Program for those that wish join. 

Those wishing to join can sign up for the Early Access Program here.

Rubrik main site

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