by Lyle Smith

Samsung Acquires NVELO

Samsung Electronics has announced it has acquired the privately held storage caching software specialist, NVELO. SSD caching has become a preferred business solution by intelligently managing and optimizing the use of SSDs in the storage subsystem. In operation for two years, NVELO is a leading vendor of caching software, particularly with client SSD vendors. Its Dataplex software is shipped with SSD drives made by OCZ Technology, Corsair, and Crucial.

NVELO has done an exceptional job making SSD caching work in an almost seamless way, as well as delivering on the promise of SSD speeds and hard drive capacity at a very affordable price point. While NVELO has had aspirations of penetrating the enteprise space, they've found greatest traction in consumer computing where caching is fertile new ground. NVELO's storage technology integration into Samsung's SSD unit will give customers access to a more diversified portfolio of NAND storage solutions and likely ultimately ends up in the hands of enterprise customers where caching technoogy is more readily deployed and competition is intensifying.

The full details of the agreement were not disclosed; however, the acquisition involves all technology and personnel under NVELO, Inc.

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