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Seagate Announces Guardian Series Of 10TB HDDs

Seagate Technology has announced the Guardian Series of 10TB hard disk drives, which includes the 10TB Seagate BarraCuda Pro desktop drive, the Seagate IronWolf drive for NAS applications, and the Seagate SkyHawk drive for surveillance. Designed for customers looking to improve the management of the huge amounts of digital data, the new Guardian Series caters to all kinds of use cases including personal, creative and design computing, online gaming, small- and medium-sized businesses, and large-scale surveillance systems. The new 10TB drive HDDs also come equipped with multi-tier caching technology (MTC Technology), an intelligent caching architecture for maximized performance, while the AgileArray feature optimizes drive performance via error recovery control, dual-plane balancing, and power management.

BarraCuda Pro 10TB Desktop Drive

BarraCuda Pro couples the massive 10TB storage pool with 7200 RPM. This means it focuses on both performance-driven and power-saving features to lower operating costs. It is also backed by a hefty 5-year limited warranty.  Available in both 2.5 (up to 2TB) and 3.5 inch capacities, the BarraCude drives are lightweight and robust. (BarraCuda Pro 10TB Review)

IronWolf 10TB for NAS

The IronWolf line is described by Seagate as “tough, ready, and scalable.” The company claims that it will deliver class-leading performance in NAS environments and will satisfy almost any challenging, always-on environment. Moreover, the new line of HDDs is NAS-optimized with AgileArray and built with drive balance. The IronWolf HDDs are also the first in its class of drives to have rotational vibration sensors to mitigate vibration in multi-drive systems, RAID optimization for best performance with error recovery control, and advance power management for power savings in NAS. Additionally, the IronWolf uses multi-user technology and provides an 180TB per year user workload rate.

SkyHawk 10TB for Surveillance

To celebrate its 10th year of supplying surveillance drives, Seagate has released the 10TB SkyHawk HDD, which is designed for large storage solutions that leverage network video recording. The new line uses rotational vibration sensors to help minimize read/write errors while supporting upwards of 64 cameras. The SkyHawk is particularly useful for modern, hi-resolution systems in running 24/7 environments.


The IronWolf and BarraCuda Pro drives are both currently shipping worldwide. The SkyHawk 10TB drive is now sampling to select customers with a slateded wide-scale availability soon.

As far as pricing goes, the BarraCude Pro 10TB model is set at $534.99, while the SkyHawk 10TB and IronWolf 10TB are going for $459.99 and $469.99, respectively.

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