by Lyle Smith

Seagate Surveillance HDD Announced

Seagate has announced the Surveillance HDD, it's seventh-generation drive engineered specifically for surveillance and video analytics applications. The Surveillance HDD is available as a 3.5-inch drive in capacities of up to 4TB and can store up to 480 hours of HD content; making it the industry’s highest-capacity drive designed specifically for surveillance applications. Additionally, the Surveillance HDD can scale video storage and now incorporates rotational vibration (RV) sensors, which enables it to reliably perform in systems with up to 16 drives. As such, it is ideal for small-to-medium businesses including casinos or manufacturing plants where bulk storage for HD video and video analytics are an important aspect of daily operation.

Seagate’s new HDDs are also designed to support surveillance recordings from a number of cameras no matter their resolution requirements and supports up to 32 channels, which easily handles the higher write workloads required by surveillance systems. In addition, it also supports the flexibility required to scale a surveillance solution, supporting more data for longer periods of time as well as meeting industry archive and resolution requirements. Along with the integrated R/V sensors, these features improve drive performance in multi-drive and RAID systems and increase the value of surveillance data by delivering the highest data integrity possible.

The Surveillance HDD is built with improved time-to-read system, which allows users to customize power settings and better support motion-activated cameras, ensuring that their customers never miss a frame. To save on energy, the drive spin down for efficiency when no motions are detected by cameras, but quickly powers back on to make sure nothing is missed when a motion-sensing camera is triggered.

The Surveillance HDD delivers industry-leading reliability with its 1 million hour MTBF, (mean time between failure), which enables the drive to be kept in the field longer all the while reducing the cost of field deployment and maintaining customer retention. The drive is also engineered for low power consumption and heat emissions giving solution providers greater design flexibility.

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