by Adam Armstrong

Veeam & Lenovo Announce Global Partnership

Today Veeam Software announced a new global partnership with Lenovo before the latter company’s event tomorrow in New York. Through this new partnership, customers will now be able to buy Veeam Intelligent Data Management solutions with Lenovo Software Defined Infrastructure (SDI) and Storage Area Network (SAN) offerings directly from Lenovo and its resellers in a single transaction. Lenovo customers will now be able to simplify their IT while adding hyper-availability through Veeam. 

Customers looking to accelerate their digital transformation should have everything they need in Lenovo’s SDI and SAN solution that come with Veeam’s Hyper-Availability Platform. The combined technologies are stated as simplifying IT, mitigating risks, while delivering intelligent data management that helps accelerate and expand organizations. These capabilities will help to reduce the costs of legacy infrastructure, virtualization and data protection management. The companies’ state that customers can see accelerated application development and deployment that would increase their ROI. The newly offered solutions have been validated by both Veeam And Lenovo, adding another level of assurance. 

Veeam’s backup and rapid recovery capabilities deliver the following benefits and capabilities:

  • Simplified IT operational management: Veeam’s direct integration with VMware vSphere, Microsoft Hyper-V and Nutanix Acropolis helps automate backup and recovery operations to ensure the Hyper-Availability of critical applications and data;
  • Recovery Granularity: Ensures minimal disruption to business operations by providing users with multiple restore options to enhance availability service levels. Options range from recovery of an entire VM or individual files and application items;
  • Accelerated Innovation: Veeam DataLabs environments can be created quickly. In addition to improving the ROI on secondary Lenovo storage investments, this capability enables accelerated application development and testing, efficient DR testing to meet corporate data governance and compliance, and data analytics for enhanced business intelligence.



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