by Adam Armstrong

Virtustream Launches New Storage Cloud Service

Today at EMC World 2016, Virtustream (an EMC Federation company) announced its new global cloud storage platform offering enterprise-levels of resiliency and performance combined with true Web scale, Virtustream Cloud Service. This cloud service is aimed at the largest enterprises, service providers, and public sector organizations that need to be able to secure, manage, and store mission-critical data in the cloud.

Back in October EMC and VMware announced that they would be combining their respective cloud capabilities into Virtustream. This combined cloud capabilities, now Virtustream Cloud Service, is stated to provide a hyper-scale storage platform with enterprise-class resiliency and performance. EMC is going from an announcement to a launch in only 8 days because the Virtustream Cloud Service has been running in production for several years as the primary object storage platform for a select set of customers managing multiple Exabytes of data, with hundreds of billions of objects under management and an event monitoring system that processes more than 35 billion events per day.

Key features include:

  • Engineered-in resiliency delivering up to 13 x 9s of data durability
  • Architected and optimized for performance, particularly for large object sizes
  • Available read-after-failure provides resiliency and data integrity even in case of single site failure
  • Seamless extensibility of on-premises primary storage and backup to the cloud

Virtustream also provides several EMC storage products with a level of cloud tiering. This tiering can be for long-term backup retention and cold storage in the cloud. EMC offerings that will support Virtustream Cloud Service include:

  • EMC Data Domain: Using Data Domain Cloud Tier, automatically move backup data directly from EMC protection storage to Virtustream Storage Cloud for seamless, cost effective long-term backup retention.
  • EMC Data Protection Suite: Tier backup data from EMC protection software to Virtustream Storage Cloud for long-term backup retention.
  • EMC VMAX, XtremIO and Unity Systems: Tier data to the cloud to reduce on-site primary storage footprint while maintaining optimal performance through on premise client-side caching and Virtustream Storage Cloud.
  • EMC Isilon: Archive cold data to the cloud using on premises Isilon CloudPools policies to govern the placement and retention of tiered files to Virtustream Storage Cloud.

Virtustream is designed to serve a complete range of enterprise use cases. Syncplicity has announced that it will soon be using Virtustream Storage Cloud to meet its customers’ mobility and security needs.


Virtustream Storage Cloud will be generally available on May 10, 2016

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