by Adam Armstrong

VMware And Google Announce Integration Of Google Cloud Platform Services Into vCloud Air

Google and VMware announced today that they would be integrating selected Google Cloud Platform services into vCloud Air. The selected services include: Google Cloud Storage, Google BigQuery, Google Cloud Datastore, and Google Cloud DNS. VMware expects to add other services in the future to further enhance the hybrid cloud market.

The added Google Cloud Platform services will be tightly integrated into vCloud Air and will function like any other service offered from VMware. Now vCloud Air customers can have access to the above-mentioned services from Google Cloud Platform services that offer: a low-cost object storage service, a real-time analytics service, a schemaless NoSQL database service, and a global-distributed low-latency DNS service. An example of the advantages would be when VMware ran the VMworld 2014 application on vCloud Air. Millions of data points on application usage were generated and could be quickly analyzed and stored using Google BigQuery.

The VMware and Google networks will be directly connected together ensuring that all traffic between the services travels over a dedicated private connection. VMware customers can use their current vCloud Air credentials to access the newly integrated services. Customers will also be able to use Google Cloud Platform’s native API and can contact Global Support Services for support on Google Cloud Platform services the same as they would for vCloud Air support now.

Availability and pricing

The companies are currently integrating their services and expect to offer the new services on vCloud Air during the first half of 2015. vCloud customers will have access to the new services under their existing contracts and will pay for what they use of the new Google services.

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