by Bill Valle

Acronis vmProtect 9 Announced

Acronis is announcing its vmProtect 9, which is capable of recovering data from several levels including hypervisor, virtual machine, and application. Supporting Microsoft SQL Server, Microsoft Sharepoint, and Microsoft Active Directory, vmProtect 9 is the most efficient and easy VMware vSphere backup solution for small and medium businesses and remote locations of larger enterprises. Using vmFlashBack, Acronis vmProtect 9 will recognize file systems and incrementally restore virtual machines, skipping unnecessary files. It also allows the restoration of files to multiple locations, automatically restoring to either local or cloud destinations.

Acronis vmProtect 9 also provides full integration to the VMware vCenter for backups, restores, and replications - all of which can be managed from one user interface. It can run virtual machines from a compressed, de-duplicated image and includes self-backup to enable saving and restoration of its Import/Export configurations.

Acronis vmProtect

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