by Mark Kidd

Hitachi Debuts Accelerated Flash Storage with Up to 307TB MLC Per 8U System

Hitachi Data Systems Corporation (HDS) today unveiled Hitachi Accelerated Flash storage, a new MLC flash module featuring a rack-optimized form factor and a new multi-core flash memory controller from Hitachi Ltd. Hitachi Accelerated Flash storage is available now for the Hitachi Virtual Storage Platform (VSP), introducing new functionality including inline write compression to the VSP.

Hitachi Accelerated Flash modules fit into an 8U chassis, and each enclosure can scale from 6.4TB up to 307.2TB -- 8 times greater density than the largest MLC SSD available today. Up to four 2U flash enclosures can be housed in Hitachi VSP with up to 12 flash modules each, for more than a petabyte of flash per system.

It's important to not that not only is the form factor unique, it's designed exclusively for HDS, which adds to the density profile, everything about the drive's core components is unique, including controller technology that was built from the ground up. The new SSD also improves upon other major SSD brands (400GB MLC) on the market with:

  • 4X sustained performance
  • 46% lower cost per bit
  • Improved environmental characteristics (power and space)
  • Greater capacity compared to conventional solid-state drives (SSDs) on the market today

Other benefits of the controller and architecture technologies include:

  • Multi-core, high bandwidth architecture with up to 128 flash DIMM
    • 4x random 8K I/O, >2x sequential
    • Up to 16x capacity support
  • Inline write compression support
    • Faster formatting
    • Up to 94% write reduction
    • Extended endurance
  • Enhanced error correction, learning cell program-erase and data refresh
    • Superior data integrity
    • Future proof for next generation flash DIMM

The new HDS MLC Flash module is the first product of many to come in the HDS flash portfolio.

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