by Lyle Smith

OCZ Unveils Enterprise Vector 180 SSD

OCZ Storage Solutions is showcasing its storage portfolio including both enterprise and client applications, and is unveiling a new Vector 180 Series drive at Computex 2014 in Taiwan. The latest addition to the Vector family takes an enterprise slant, including an advanced feature-set specifically designed for entry-enterprise server workloads and enterprise client use cases. 

The growing trend of more and more features being built into entry-enterprise SSDs, such as power fail protection and other data protection safeguards, is an interesting, yet welcoming change. This emergence also seems to be segmenting the entry-enterprise market between the ultra-inexpensive use of consumer SSDs and the still low-cost fleet of new enterprise SSDs that have capacitors to protect all data in the write cache in case of a sudden, unexpected power failure. 

OCZ has not yet announced pricing or availability for the new enterprise-centric Vector SSD.

Update: Our review of the Vector 180 SSD

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