by Josh Shaman

Proximal Data Announces Updates to AutoCache

Proximal Data is announcing enhancements to their AutoCache hypervisor caching product that removes I/O bottlenecks to accelerate reads and writes while also improving VM density by 2-3 times. AutoCache and its I/O Intelligence utilize PCIe flash and SSDs to store hot data to increase application performance. Newly updated features are abundant in AutoCache. It can now cache more quickly at the time of installation, pre-warm the cache upon vMotion of a particular VM, support caching for virtual disks stored on NFS or iSCSI datastores, and integrate not only with VMware ESXi 4.1 and 5.0, but also 5.1 (the newest version of the VMware vSphere hypervisor).

AutoCache uses several algorithms to efficiently inspect all data, and over time it continues to tune itself to contine delivering the best performance and greatest density. The caching chooses blocks or data files that make the most sense to fast load into cache, and then it performs the appropriate caching. Additionally, when AutoCache detects a VMware vMotion, it now pre-warms cached data from the source host onto the destination host. All of this can now be accomplished on a larger range of devices with AutoCache now supporting PCIe cards from LSI, Micron and Intel as well as SSDs from Micron and Intel. It also supports PCIe cards and SSDs from other server vendors.

AutoCache has also been designed with simplicity in mind. It is compatible across platforms, and it can be viewed using an existing guest OS, storage device or through ESXi. The analytics GUI is integrated in vSphere or vCenter to maintain a single pane of glass. On top of all that, starting out, it can attach to ESXi in a matter of seconds making setup a breeze.

Pricing and Availability

The updated version of AutoCache is currently available from direct sales representatives and resellers including: CMT, Sanity Solutions, Condre and Allsystems. Pricing starts at $999 for Flash cache sizes under 500GB. 

AutoCache Product Page

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