by Adam Armstrong

ClusterHQ and VMware Enable Integration Of Containers On vSphere

Today ClusterHQ announced that has been working with VMware to integrate its Flocker container data management software with VMware vSphere. The two companies worked together to develop a pluggable storage driver for vSphere, providing portable and persistent shared storage for organizations using Docker containers in conjunction with VMware. This plug-in gives users direct access to vSphere-based storage (VSAN and vVols) at a container level, making it easier to run stateful container-based applications on VMware vSphere.

Containers are growing increasingly popular in enterprise environments. And even though they can run on bare metal servers, over two-thirds still run within VMs. VMware, being the most popular virtualization software, is the ideal choice to partner with to usher in faster adoption of containers in enterprise environments.

ClusterHQ’s Flocker enables the easy migration of stateful Docker containers between servers. Using Flocker, entire applications and their data can be containerized making it easily portable. Combining Flocker with Docker and VMware developers can now adopt container technology that will speed development and deployment. Operation teams can continue to use VMware infrastructure. This combination benefits all involved as they can use the platform of their choice. 


The Flocker driver for vSphere is available now.

ClusterHQ main site

VMware VSAN Product Page

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