by Michael Rink

Dynatrace Announces Business Analytics Software

Today, Dynatrace announced its plans for a new business analytics tool named Digital Business Analytics. The new software will build on Dynatrace’s existing application performance management and digital experience monitoring modules to generate AI-derived answers to market questions. Dynatrace’s main product is a cloud-centric software monitoring and analysis platform and is available in a free 15-day trial.

Dynatrace plans for their Digital Business Analytics software module to provide answers about conversions, orders, churn, release validation, and customer segmentation in a single place. Dynatrace likes to break down its modules into four key elements, and they've told us what their planned components are for Digital Business Analytics; transactions, analytics, conversions, and automation. The transactions component is exactly what it sounds like, but the conversions component is a bit more interesting. Dynatrace views conversions as including not just customer conversion rates, but also product revenue breakdowns, geolocation information, and all forms of customer categorizations. Analytics are provided by Dynatrace's AI algorithms. The last component, automation, is composed of Dynatrace's AI developing a baseline of performance for the customer's business and then alerting them when it detects anything outside that baseline. Dynatrace is also planning to provide APIs to allow customers to customize workflows and alert handling.

As with Dynatrace's other monitoring and analysis modules, Digital Business Analytics will be compatible with Dynatrace Davis Assistant, or Davis for short. Davis is an Alexa or Cortana like assistant with voice recognition so users can pull up information just by asking, without needing to memorize a complex interface hierarchy. In addition to voice commands, Davis also accepts commands through supported chat applications including Alexa and Slack.


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