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EMC Federation Announces Federation Business Data Lake

Today the EMC Federation announced a new hardware and software solution that enables businesses to deploy big data at scale, quickly and securely, across the enterprise, the Federation Business Data Lake (FBDL). The Federation consists of EMC Information Infrastructure (EMC II), VMware, Pivotal, VCE, and RSA. The Data Lake is a new solution from EMC, Pivotal, and VMware.

With tons of information pouring in at all times, organizations need a way to leverage Big Data Analytics in order to gain critical insights. Effectively utilizing Big Data runs into significant process and technical challenges. The FBDL aims at enabling organizations to realize the value of analytics in little as one week as opposed to months. Businesses will be able to ingest, store, analyze, surface, and act on Big Data. The FBDL is designed for speed, self-service, and scalability for the enterprise, and the ability to apply analytics to Big Data will help companies of all sizes make more informed decisions that could lead to real-time insights, better efficiencies, and new revenue streams.

Much like the cross-federation enterprise cloud solution and the Software-Defined Data Center solution, EMC, Pivotal, and VMware have worked together to eliminate integration barriers for seamless integration and interoperability with top analytics platforms such as SAS and Tableu. The FBDL also allows customers the choice of Hadoop distribution including Cloudera and Hortonworks. The new Data Lake recommends data based on past behaviors and offers it up in a consumable way, which is ideal for customers new to Big Data or those looking to scale existing investments. The FBDL will also work closely with third party technology as well as having one number for support regardless of the hardware being used.

Key functions:

  • Store: Stores both raw and modified data, consolidating everything into one data lake for cross-data analysis
  • Analyze: Provides analytics at all levels and uses advanced algorithms to discover new predictive patterns
  • Surface: Presents data to users and applications to digest and prepare to take action on
  • Act: Uses data to self-heal and optimize analytics, enabling users and developers to build data-driven applications to meet business needs


The Federation Business Data Lake will be available April 2015 in select countries with a full suite of services and educational programs to aide customers. These services and programs include:

  • EMC Technology Onboarding Service: For customers who are ready to deploy the FBDL, the EMC Technology Onboarding Service offers full consulting services to install and deploy the solution, optimize the analytics environment and configure and customize data requirements.
  • EMC Proof of Value Service: For customers who know the use case they want to address but are looking for help implementing the latest big data analytic and rapid application development tools and techniques, the Proof of Value Service demonstrates the ROI of a targeted use case using real customer data.
  • EMC Big Data Vision Workshop: For customers who are undecided about how to start infusing Big Data into its business strategy, the EMC Big Data Vision Workshop analyzes an organization’s strategy, business goals and then prioritizes a target use case for the start of its big data journey.
  • Education Services: In addition to the service offerings above, EMC offers training and certification to develop fundamental as well as advanced Big Data and Data Science understanding and skills required by business leaders and Big Data practitioners.

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