by Adam Armstrong

Google Nearline Cloud Storage Is Now Generally Available

Google announced today that its Nearline Cloud Storage is now generally available. Google Nearline Cloud Storage was released in beta form back in March of this year. Nearline was introduced as a replacement for cold storage with the responsiveness of the cloud all for a low price. Along with general availability, Google is also introducing several other benefits.

As data continues to grow rapidly the idea of storing it indefinitely for a low price of less than one cent per gigabyte is very appealing, add quick retrieval times (less than 3 seconds) and Google Nearline Cloud Storage becomes attractive to most. While Nearline sounds like a good deal already, Google also added a slew of benefits to it as it goes generally available.

Benefits include:

  • On-demand I/O – customers can increase I/O when needed and only have to pay for the amount used. The first three months after launch, on-demand I/O will be offered at no extra charge.
  • Cloud Storage Transfer Service GA to all organizations - large amounts of online data from HTTP/HTTPS locations (such as Amazon S3), can now be easily imported into Nearline to reduce storage costs. Cloud Storage Transfer Service enables customers to schedule both one-time data migrations and recurring data transfers. These benefits help perform lifecycle management.
  • Switch and save – Google is introducing a switch and save program that offers up to 100PB of free storage for six months if users switch from other cloud providers or physical infrastructure. Google is also providing a TCO calculator to help customers see their savings before switching.

Along  with offering Nearline Cloud Storage for a low price and introducing new benefits, Google is also working with several partners to ease any concerns customers may have about switching storage choices. These partners include: Actifio, Pixit Media, Unitrends, CloudBerry Backup, Filepicker, and Google is integrating with storage vendors and platforms such as Commvault’s Simpana platform, EMC NetWorker 8.2 with CloudBoost and EMC Avamar 7.1 with CloudBoost, EMC CloudArray, and Egnyte.


Google Nearline Cloud Storage is generally available today.

Google Nearline Cloud Storage

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