by Michael Rink

MayaData Raises $26,000,000 from Investors

Today, MayaData announced it received additional funding totaling to twenty-six million dollars from investors, including AME Cloud Ventures, DataCore Software, and Insight Partners. MayaData was founded in 2011 under the name CloudByte and operated under that name until 2017 when it rebranded itself as MayaData. In both incarnations, MayaData specialized in enterprise containers like Kubernetes.

DataCore Software is investing more than just money in MayaData. It is also transferring personnel and contributing intellectual properties to the younger company. DataCore was founded in 1998 and has focused on data storage throughout its tumultuous history.

MayaData will be using the new round of investment funding and other assets to continue improving their OpenEBS Enterprise Platform. MayaData OpenEBS is an open-source container attached storage (CAS) software. It is intended to aid in the deployment and management of stateful applications to any Kubernetes environment.

As part of the investment deal, MayaData has accepted two new members to the company’s advisory board. The first is as part of this investment, MayaData announced that Dan Duet, former CIO of Goldman Sachs. The second is Jay Kidd, former CTO of NetApp and Brocade Communications.


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