by Adam Armstrong

News Bits: RAIDIX, IBM, Rubrik, Cisco, Hedvig, Arcserve, WD, Quantum, & Synology

This week’s News Bits we look at a number of small announcements, small in terms of the content not the impact they have. RAIDIX expands its partner network in Asia and Latin America. IBM once again takes the #1 spot in SDS software market. Rubrik’s CDM platform now runs in AWS and Microsoft Azure. Cisco expands its Connected Factories portfolio. Hedvig announces its CloudScale Partner Program. Arcserve acquires FastArchiver. WD now shipping 12TB He12 HDDs. Quantum partners with Veritone on new AI platform. Synology releases its second all-flash NAS, FS2017.

RAIDIX Expands Its Partner Network

RAIDIX announced that it was expanding its partner network into Asia and Latin America. RAIDIX move into these emerging markets is aimed at bringing all the benefits of software-defined storage to new customers. RAIDIX will also be hosting two webinars next month to show the benefits of SDS.


IBM Again Takes The #1 Spot In SDS Software Market

At NAB 2017, IBM pointed to a recent IDC study (Worldwide Quarterly Storage Software Qview for Q4 2016) again showing IBM as the market leader in storage software. This makes the third consecutive year that IBM took the top spot. In addition, IBM has been ranked number two overall when combining external storage systems and storage software global revenue.


Rubrik’s CDM Platform Now Runs In AWS & Microsoft Azure

Rubrik announced that its recently updated Cloud Data Management Platform, now delivers data protection for cloud-native applications running in AWS and Microsoft Azure. This announcement means that Rubrik could potentially pick up even more customers as its support for different cloud providers expands.

Rubrik Cloud Backup & Recovery

Cisco Expands Its Connected Factories Portfolio

Cisco has expanded its Connected Factories Portfolio. The portfolio helps companies gain more than just the products machines make, it helps them gather and utilize the data that is being generated while doing so. The new solutions include:

  • Time Sensitive Networking is now supported on the IE4000 Switch family: A new standard that protects the data and ensures those mission critical applications are running smoothly on the network.
  • Connected Asset Manager (CAM) for IoT Intelligence: Not looking for just another visualization tool? This one is unique. It can extract data from a variety of sources -- and tie together multiple existing data threads in the plant across today's legacy system siloes. Oh, and it's also open and analytic-engine agnostic. Reporting is easy -- just drag and drop data in a simple interface.
  • Industrial Network Director: Made with operators in mind -- not just IT. It gives factories full control of the plant network. Users can also set-up faster and risk less downtime. Plus, it offers true plug-and-play functionality. Users need to install the managed switch and rest assured that the proper security, settings, and functionality are set. No manual programming required.

Cisco Connected Factories

Hedvig Announces Its CloudScale Partner Program

Hedvig announced the expansion of its CloudScale Partner Program to provide its worldwide partner ecosystem with a flexible, customer-focused framework that makes it easier to engage with Hedvig and sell software-defined storage (SDS) and cloud solutions. Features include:

  • Relevant, timely benefits: Benefits and resource allocation are not determined by a tiered partnership structure. Instead, these program elements are delivered in real time based on the attributes of the opportunity.
  • Flexible framework: The CloudScale Partner Program framework is designed to accommodate and support partners that serve multiple roles with customers. Partners can engage with Hedvig in the way that makes sense for each engagement.
  • Ease of access: Prospective partners can now explore the program before signing a partnership agreement. They are granted access to Hedvig’s partner portal, enablement resources, and sales tools with no minimum commitments.

Hedvig CloudScale Partner Program

Arcserve Acquires FastArchiver

Arcserve, LLC has acquired FastArchiver, a custom-built email archiving technology. Several companies have a need to protect and archive company emails, and this acquisition will address such issues. This new product, Arcserve UDP Archiving, provides the following benefits:

  • Diminish Risk: protect from cloud email service outages or malfunctions, and access archive email 24 x 7
  • Meet Legal Requirements: leverage powerful features not found in many cloud email services, including: full text search, tagging, hit highlighting, save search, search export, and multi-language support
  • Adhere to Corporate Governance: comply with requirements using audit trails, reporting, retention management, and role-based access controls for security
  • Preserve for Defensible Disposition: retain emails as records with legal hold management, and preserve them as unalterable records the moment they are sent or received
  • Manage Email Lifecycle: collect “sent” or “received” email from all popular email platforms, and systematically remove email records at the end of their life

Arcserve UDP Archiving

WD Now Shipping 12TB He12 HDDs

Back in December of 2016, WDC announced several new storage innovations under its HGST banner. Amongst them was the new 12TB Ultrastar He12 Helium HDD. WDC announced this week that the He12 12TB HDD is now shipping. The drive is available as both a 12Gb/s SAS or a 6Gb/s SATA interface.

Ultrastar He12

Quantum Partners With Veritone On New AI Platform

This past week at NAB 2017, Quantum Corp. showcased Veritone’s multi-engine artificial intelligence (AI) platform in a Quantum StorNext-managed environment. This is the result of a recently signed agreement between the two companies to leverage StorNext cost-effectiveness when deploying Veritone aiWARE platfrom. Customers will be able to leverage the AI to get a more thorough analysis of the massive amount of data being stored at a much faster rate.

Quantum StorNext

Veritone aiWARE

Synology Releases Its Second All-Flash NAS, FS2017

This week Synology released its second, the FS2017. It shares the same chassis and most of the same features as the first all-flash unit, the FS3017, announced late last year. The main difference with the FS2017 is that it comes with a more cost-effective CPU (Intel Xeon D-1541) and lower overall ram, expandable to 128GB. While this lowers the cost significantly, it also lowers the performance with the new unit claiming 90K random IOPS on a 4k tester versus the FS3017’s 200K IOPS.

Synology FlashStation FS2017

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