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Pivot3 Updates Acuity

Pivot3 released an update for their Acuity software. The update is aimed at improving their networks' resilience and improving customer's abilities to recover from the loss of a cluster node or other partial outage. Pivot3 was founded in 2003 and shipped its first hyper-converged infrastructure (HCI) platform in 2008. It currently focuses on providing HCI products, including both datacenter and edge platforms running custom software.

At the core of Pivot3's Acuity software platform is the Pivot3 Intelligence Engine. The latest update brings several enhancements to the Intelligence Engine, all aimed at improving network resilience. The most prominent of these enhancements is a suite of new auto-healing capabilities that can automatically add a node back to a cluster once it has recovered from a failure. Other enhancements to the Intelligence Engine include intelligent automation, AI and analytics for proactive system health, configuration optimization and support. These additional system analytics and diagnostics provide customers with improved system health and performance and the ability to automatically share information with Pivot3's Support Cloud. System monitoring flags events in real-time with on-alarm dispatch to Pivot3 Support and provides daily status reports. New AI and machine learning techniques analyze phone-home data and alert the customer to options if a system is not in compliance with best practices 

Pivot3 has also introduced a node rebuild feature that they claim can reduce repair times by up to ninety percent. When a node goes down, the tasks it was handling get moved over to the other nodes in the network. This puts extra stress on the remaining nodes. This extra stress can cause additional nodes to fail. By minimizing the amount of time a node is down, Pivot3 reduces the risk of follow-on failures.



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