by Lyle Smith

Samsung Acquires Proximal Data

​Samsung has announced the acquisition Proximal Data, a provider of server-side caching software that works within virtualized environments. This further expands Samsung's SSD business in the server and data center markets where the integration of storage and software is becoming increasingly common.

Caching software helps to improve storage performance by controlling and storing frequently used data more efficiently. More specifically, Proximal Data’s core caching software technology, AutoCache, is a virtual cache storage solution that significantly increases virtual machine density and performance by removing I/O bottlenecks without interrupting IT operations. 

The Proximal Data move comes after Samsung’s acquisition of NVELO back in December of 2012, a SSD caching software that was targeted to the client computing space. Samsung has employed NVELO’s advanced caching software with their SSDs since 2013, which has allowed them to increase performance as well as see greater overall convenience to its users.

Samsung indicates that the acquisition of Proximal Data will allow the company to improve its business competitiveness in the enterprise SSD market and expand its SSD business combined with other technologies like the use of 3D Vertical NAND memory technology.

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