by Michael Rink

Scale Computing Releases Micro HCI Edge Appliance

Scale Computing, released the HE150 at the Gartner IT Infrastructure, Operations & Cloud Strategies Conference. The new HE150 is the latest addition to Scale Computing's HC3 Edge product line and is intended to allow them to serve customers and companies without the space or other resources for a server room. Scale Computing was founded in the mid-2000s and primarily provides edge-focused solutions.

The HE150 is a very small device based on the Intel NUC; with a width and depth of just over 11 centimeters and a height of just over three centimeters the appliance can be deployed just about anywhere. While the small size, roughly the size of two cell-phones side by side or stacked three tall, is a significant selling point, the space savings aren't as significant as they at first appear because Scale Computing apparently intends for them to be deployed in clusters. Pricing for them starts with a three-node cluster. Still much smaller than a traditional server rack, even with several of them installed side by side though. Individual HE150 appliances are all-flash NVMe storage-based compute appliances that come fully loaded with disaster recovery software, virtualization software, support for clustering, and integrated data protection including rolling upgrades from Scale Computing.

Seeing as how they already did most of the work to add support for generic Intel NUC devices to their HC3 Edge software when developing their Intel NUC based HE150 appliance, Scale Computing is also planning to roll out support for other Intel NUC appliances soon. Beginning with making HC3 Edge software available for Lenovo’s Smart Edge portfolio of fan-less, small form factor PCs. 


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