by Michael Rink

StackRox Releases Version 3 Of Kubernetes Security

Today, StackRox released version 3.0 of the StackRox Kubernetes Security Platform. The new version includes improved tools to identify vulnerabilities and support for additional ecosystems. StackRox is a small company (less than fifty employees) founded in 2014 and their just updated Kubernetes security platform is their primary product.

StackRox dashboards highlight security vulnerabilities in Kubernetes and the contents of the containers. For Kubernetes vulnerabilities, StackRox claims to both provide alerts on risks disclosed by the Kubernetes team and from unnamed other channels. StackRox also announced that they scan container images so that they can provide alerts on language-dependent vulnerabilities.

StackRox announced that they added support for three new ecosystems with this release. First up is the CRI-O container runtime. CRI-O container runtime is a lightweight runtime optimized for Kubernetes that is an Open Container Initiative (OCI)-compliant implementation of the Kubernetes Container Runtime Interface. The second new ecosystem is Google Anthos. Google Anthos support is in addition to the company's existing support for Google GKE. The third and final new ecosystem supported is Kubernetes on Distributed Cloud Operating System (DC/OS).



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