by Adam Armstrong

XtremIO Introduces iCDM To Tackle The Issue Of Copy Data

Today at OpenWorld XtremIO introduced its efficient copy data management at the storage layer, integrated Copy Data Management (iCDM) in its All-Flash arrays. XtremIO’s announcement comes fresh on the heels of Actifio’s commissioned study showing that two-thirds of enterprises fail to meet best practices for copy data control. XtremIO states its new iCDM will reduce infrastructure and speed up application development and DevOps.

As we saw last week when Actifio commissioned the study by IDC, copy data sprawl is a huge problem, in fact it is a $50 billion dollar problem. IDC estimates that up to 60% of the IT storage hardware and infrastructure budget is consumed by copy data. Oracle DBAs are looking for a way to get the most out of their Oracle applications and databases. While these copies could be used for disaster recovery, development and testing, or application maintenance they can cause some serious issues including:

  • 30-50% slower application development and test cycles due to low performance, and outdated copies that are difficult to create.
  • Application code is not tested at scale prior to deployment, because there are not enough copies, copies are underperforming or they go out of date quickly, and can’t be regenerated at the developer’s pace.
  • Analytics and reporting are hobbled by fixed, slow ETL processes that are never on-demand or in real time.
  • IT and Engineering spend too much time on operations struggling to reduce risks, instead of focusing on innovation.
  • Higher infrastructure and administration costs due to excessive storage requirements.

iCDM address the database sprawl by putting the database copies on primary storage. XtremIO states that this feature built into primary storage can eliminate up to 80% of copy data challenges and is much more cost-effective than software-based approaches. As an example, XtremIO can mix workloads and consolidate both primary data and its associated copies on the same scale-out all-flash array. And it can scale out more performance as needed with no application downtime. This delivers consistent IOPS and latency to both production and nonproduction apps without risking the production SLAs.


Every XtremIO customer has iCDM embedded in their all-flash arrays.

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