by Lyle Smith

EMC Announces "No Restrictions" Download For ScaleIO And Future Enhancements

EMC has announced a free “no restrictions” download for non-production use of its ScaleIO software as well as its enhancements planned for the future. EMC ScaleIO is a software-only solution that changes existing server storage into shared block storage in order to help empower IT organizations with flexible and scalable performance and capacity on demand. In addition, it has been designed with enterprise-grade resiliency to power next-generation applications that require hyper-scale and lower operational cost. This scale-out server SAN architecture enables customers to grow from a few servers to thousands of servers with linear performance scalability.

EMC has also announced the ScaleIO Product Community on the EMC Community Network (ECN), which is designed as an interactive information exchange platform for technical support, questions for ScaleIO experts, product documentation, downloads, user guides, FAQs and training. EMC will allow customers, partners and developers to download EMC ScaleIO software for free for non-production use through this community all without any restrictions on time or capacity. In addition, EMC states that there is no registration required by users, enabling customers to create full-fledged ScaleIO environments for free non-production use before upgrading to a paid production license.

EMC has unveiled future enterprise-grade enhancements for ScaleIO to power critical business applications and large-scale, rapidly growing infrastructures, which will be made generally available later in 2015. These new features will focus on meeting the emerging needs of enterprise customers and service providers deploying Third Platform applications. Additionally, they will expand upon ScaleIO’s enterprise-grade capabilities to support strategic priorities for IT organizations as well as help to ensure the availability of the applications that power their business. The new features will also address the areas of high availability, security, resiliency and supportability.

In addition, EMC has implemented a new deployment option and alternative consumption choice for ScaleIO; customers can now choose to utilize ScaleIO as a software-only solution from EMC, or as a fully integrated Hyper-Converged Rackscale System through VCE. EMC indicates that a VxRack system, which takes advantage of EMC ScaleIO Software-Defined Storage, will offer users a flexible choice of hypervisor, such as VMware vSphere, or KVM or bare metal. This will allow enterprises and Service Providers to simplify the deployment of next-generation scale-out mobile, cloud and distributed tier 2 applications.


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